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Posted by catmen , 17 September 2021 · 40 views

whew. work was rough today. 
had about 730cals. ate a tiny bit of this mix like a salad this morning, apple for lunch, and hahaha once again ramen w/ an egg in it.  
weighed in at 156.6 so i shouldnt complain about anything lmfao. as long as i maintain a decent loss, i literally dont think i care if i keep it around this amount of calories? unti...



Posted by catmen , 14 September 2021 · 30 views

very tired today from work so i wont make this too terribly long?
realized i cant do the exact same i did earlier times. it would actually fucking suck if i collapsed at work. even though i work in labor at a warehouse feels like a goddamn excuse but whatever
about like 700cal today rounded up bc i ate smthn small from my roommate, not sure what that tota...



Posted by catmen , 13 September 2021 · 36 views

first actual day doing any work and it was harder and easier than i thought it would be honestly. i now weigh 159.8lbs, so a supposed exact loss of 3.2lbs. i know its redundant to start logging right immediately, but also im ED'ed and obsessive. it made me ridiculously giddy to see that number, that i can say im below 160 even if the weight might fluctua...



Posted by catmen , 12 September 2021 · 49 views

alriiiight this is my first day of getting my shit together. i weighed myself earlier for the first time in forever and i weigh 163lb exactly.  
i definitely binge ate today and i literally hate myself over it. my roommate buys me junk food because she doesn't understand boundaries. she's like a grandma but she fucking wilds out. i told her ab my ED...

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