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Posted by catmen , 14 September 2021 · 30 views

very tired today from work so i wont make this too terribly long?
realized i cant do the exact same i did earlier times. it would actually fucking suck if i collapsed at work. even though i work in labor at a warehouse feels like a goddamn excuse but whatever
about like 700cal today rounded up bc i ate smthn small from my roommate, not sure what that totaled to, just made it 100cal. had an apple and ramen, as well. i dont mind doing higher restriction, i just really want to maintain this time. all the others i would fast for a few days then high restrict well until i would break bc i never did anything to "celebrate" or help my metabolism.
weighed in to 157.5 today! that was the best thing. overall loss now at 5.5lbs which i didnt actually realize until now, my dumbass feeling like its not happening fast enough, but thats decent. i can be happy with that. i cant fucking wait to be out of the 150s again, i just need to remember that.

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