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little brain word thoughts


18 september: alcohol

Posted by toomanyteaspoons , 19 September 2021 · 45 views

i had ~600 cal of food and then ~600 cal of alcohol tonight and instead of having a good time, i had a good time with my roommates for a few minutes and now i just feel horrible while im alone. I am drunk but not drunk enough where i dont care, i want to go exercise and burn everything because i feel like ass. i never cry about weight/food/calories but ma...


16 september: so tired

Posted by toomanyteaspoons , 16 September 2021 · 50 views

i have been eating very little the past few days and i think its finally catching up to me, i am so exhausted right now and today downtown with my friend i felt not dizzy but vaguely weak? like i was kind of having to focus on balancing while i was walking sometimes 
i feel so terrified of binging or eating above 500 cal, i know i have to eat more so...


14 september: sparkling water is god

Posted by toomanyteaspoons , 14 September 2021 · 38 views

ive honestly been sitting in my room all day doing nothing 
i just had dinner which was 170 cal soup, n i broke my fast with it so thats my total for today unless i eat 30cal carrots later and in abt an hour im gonna have some sparkling water! 
i might play some video games to keep me entertained til i go to bed, maybe pokemon? hmmm


13 september: roommates and sleeplessness

Posted by toomanyteaspoons , 13 September 2021 · 44 views

i had no idea these were a thing but i am very glad they are bc i dont necessarily want to make my own topics to talk about things but im glad i can talk into the void especially bc most of these things are 100% unrelated 
my roommate just offered me her leftover fries and i said no bc i am fasting and i also just dont eat fries but honestly i feel b...

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