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September Intake Accountability


September 22

Posted by cream_tea , 22 September 2021 · 35 views

Nothing is sadder than eating a jar of cold, separated peanut butter and actually enjoying it.  
Total calories: 3698


September 21

Posted by cream_tea , 21 September 2021 · 31 views

Ended up having to eat a bit more like a person today... I don't quite know where I'm meant to be getting potassium from, but my heart is still beating for now. Was planning to have some konjac for dinner because I am weak, but my mother started making a bunch of unneeded comments the second I appeared :D Food: 273
Drinks: 30
Drugs: 80  Total...


September 20

Posted by cream_tea , 20 September 2021 · 40 views

So I don't drink water, but I am at a point now where if someone stabbed me then I would just be bleeding pure Gatorade  Food: 0
Drinks: 74
Drugs: 45  Total calories: 119


September 19

Posted by cream_tea , 19 September 2021 · 67 views

Went to the gas station and bought a Lo-Carb Monster instead of the Zero Sugar ones. It's really easy for me to mix them up because the cans are similar, and I hate it. Also if you plan to down a bottle of cough syrup then I would suggest you don't involve peanut butter. I won't go into detail, but the flavours and textures aren't complimentary :/  F...


September 18

Posted by cream_tea , 18 September 2021 · 54 views

Today was insanely busy for me, but I did okay. Really tired though. Tomorrow's gonna hurt  Food: 294
Drinks: 105
Supplements: 45  Total calories: 444  Aesthetic number go brr


September 17

Posted by cream_tea , 18 September 2021 · 59 views

Had a huge ass binge like six hours ago. Still feel like I'm dying, but I'm okay enough to exercise so only small oof (that's a lie- still a big oof). I kept watching medical documentaries while I was eating to try to stop, but that clearly didn't deter me because I am an insensitive pig. I also had to do a bunch of guesswork in today's calorie count beca...


September 16

Posted by cream_tea , 17 September 2021 · 77 views

This one's a tiny bit late. Fell asleep at my sorta partner's after they made me eat. I feel dead, and I may or may not have just cut my hair into a mullet. Also took 30mg of bisacodyl and drank only 10mL of water throughout and wouldn't really recommend. I feel like I'm going to benefit greatly when I run out of them Food: 2390
Drinks: 145


September 15

Posted by cream_tea , 15 September 2021 · 62 views

So I ate a little more than planned(800 calories) because I was offered edibles and yeah. Only way to justifiably eat more than my limit lmao Food: 864
Drinks: 59
Supplements: 75 Total calories: 998 Idk about what limit I'll want for tomorrow. Maybe 1000, but I also might hate myself again by then so who knows


September 14

Posted by cream_tea , 14 September 2021 · 58 views

Not much to report for today. Surprisingly, I wasn't too affected by yesterday's binge. The mass amounts of lax I took, however... Well, I think I ended up drinking more than twice my weight in sports drinks lmao (water's gross) Food: 694
Drinks: 50
Supplements: 45 Total calories: 789 Today was technically successful, but, y'know, my determ...


September 13

Posted by cream_tea , 13 September 2021 · 84 views

Today was by most definitions, a failure. I ate sooo many calories worth of pure Sin today... Not even joking, honestly only a couple hundred of the calories I ended up consuming were premeditated. So, of course, I immediately try to 'undo' my mistake via vomit, and my Fitbit kept harassing me about my heart rate throughout. I also took a bunch of lax bec...

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