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24th/25th September

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 25 September 2021 · 65 views

24th September


Low intensity jogging + jumping jacks 32 min= 150 calories
walking 41 min= 128 calories
Ring fit adventure 55 min= 250 calories
(im trying not to over exercise because i did that once and was stuck in bed for 2 weeks because of it; so not worth it)


Total exercised: 528 calories (probably less considering how inaccurate fitness watches can be)
Total calories burned: About 1850


25th September


Fasted: 43 hours


Macro goals:
Fats: 40 grams
Carbs: 20 grams
Protein: 40 grams


80 grams cucumber: 12 calories 2,9 carbs
6 cherry tomatoes: 18 calories 3 carbs
4 babybell original: 280 calories 18,4 fats 17,6 proteins
Cooked Shrimp 90 grams: 80 calories 16 Protein 1 Fats
1 small spoon coconut oil: 40 calories 4 fats


Total calories: 430 calories


Fats: 23,4 grams
carbs: 5,9 grams
protein: 34,6grams


Exercise: walking 30 min= 103 calories
Total calories burned= 970 calories


My switch screen broke yesterday. It had a protection which did its job but now the actual screen could potentially get damaged if i played any games (had to remove the broken protection because it would have potentially scratched the actual screen as well) ._. Will get a new one hopefully next week. But in the meantime i cant play anymore ring fit.

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Really like that you have uploaded photos! Love blogs with photos! =) 
Your sallad looks fresh and you split your food like I do normally. I don't mix my food on one plate, I prefer to have several plates. =) 

I think you are doing right, not to overexercise! It can lead as you wrote to you hurting yourself and end up not being able to exercise at all.

Take care for now and stay safe!

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