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26th/27th September (with cat pictures edition!)

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 27 September 2021 · 82 views

26th September


Low intensity jogging + jumping jacks 1 hour and 46 min= 502 calories
ring fit adventure 1 hour and 18 min= 370 calories


Total exercised: 870 calories
Total calories burned: About 2200 calories


Hope you all are doing well! I felt very exhausted, hungry and tired but pushed through with the hard exercise because i wanted to see more results. Basically passed out in the evening from tiredness (because of the exercise) so thats good. Played ring fit still because ‘exercise’ (i hope we’re getting the new screen protector very soon this week).


27th September


walked outside 1 hour and 26 min= 260 calories


Fasted: 44 hours (still ongoing)


Total calories burned: about 1500


( i really dont understand my galaxy watch’s calculation, on days where i dont work out/do nothing its 1200 calories but with the exercise it always adds some additional calories (aside from the exercise ones) while resting? I hope i can get a new one or maybe a Fitbit in the future once corona is over, i know ur resting calories slightly increase but the difference between some days is so much idk if i can trust that, plus in general i dont like/trust calories and prefer macros)


Decided to go for a 72 hour fast because i felt alright. Didnt feel sick or dizziness this morning(super energetic even). Also while taking a walk (i watch Netflix episodes while walking to pass the time, plus then i dont have to look at people that walk past me and feel self conscious) i saw this adorable fluffy cat today and the cat came up to me, purred/meowed and wanted to be petted and it was just so adorable it cheered up my day so much. I hope i can meet the cat again on my next walk.


After this fast and refeeding i will probably try a 3+ Days waterfast to see if i can pass the third day without the keto flue/dizziness. I really hope i can manage because i would love to break my record.


Take care!

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Sep 27 2021 01:07 PM

omg the cats so cute! I have a cat mine is black<333

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