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28th/29th september

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 29 September 2021 · 60 views

28th September

Fast: 68 hours


Binged. I’m unsure how many calories i had during my binge. I had a nightmare of past abuse and was feeling like shit throughout the day. I tried distracting myself as best i could but the head space of wanting comfort food/binge wouldn’t pass away so after 2 hours of trying i binged on a bunch of multigrain crackers, babybell and small dark chocolate nutbars (be kind 30 gram bars). I dont really wanna dwell on this binge for much longer since it will lead to more self loathing. I’m also slightly getting physical sick (light cold maybe fever but nothing serious).

29th September


No fasts today.


Still feeling sick and tired. Will try better tomorrow i guess. I hope this wont lead to a continuous binge restrict cycle that i used to be in half a year ago. Will maybe try to do a dry fast.

Take care.

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I'm really sorry to read that you had flashbacks of previous abuse!! I get why it can end up in a binge-session. Just like me but I stop to eat, that is my way to handle flashbacks or tragic events.

Please don't dry fast, I really don't think that is for us with EDs. Please get well before you attempt fasting again. It will be such a hard time for your body to both being sick and fasting.

Take care for now and Please stay on the safe side.  

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