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B/p the last few days + 8th of October

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 08 October 2021 · 35 views

I had a major relapse i havent b/p-ed this much in a long time. I was doing sort of ok for a year and i dont know why i am doing this bad again.
Feeling bad and invalid with my ed (saw a bunch of triggering stuff) so im planning another fast as well as exercising a lot (instead of not exercising/little exercise during fasting but screw it cuz i have potassium salt). I made a movie/anime/shows/book/manga list to keep myself busy the hours of all the shows/movies i have collected together is about 203 hours (excluding the reading stuff because idk how long that takes, plus i also have a bunch of untouched/old videogames).


I’m gonna try and exercise tomorrow also at least 400 calories and the day after (October 10th) i will try to burn off at least 1000 calories(maybe even 1200 if my ankle isnt gonna be a bitch). I’m also gonna try to majorly increase my water intake usually i drink at least 2 litres (about half a gallon) but im gonna try and get at least 3 litres a day. Drinking more than 2 litres usually makes me very nauseous but im gonna try and push through it to lose that extra water weight. I was debating on letting myself drink black coffee but im probably only gonna do water because im too afraid that the coffee/caffeine will mess up my sleep schedule/fasting/ketosis process.


If i burn off more calories or fail i will update this entry or write another one within a few days of how i did tomorrow and the day after.


Fast started yesterday at 16 oclock so currently im only at hour 18.


Today (8th of October) i exercised so far (woke up super early):
-stomach workout 20 min 100 calories
-36 min walking 100 calories
-22 min jogging 100 calories
-leg workout 23 min 100 calories
Total burned= 400 calories
Estimate of total kcals burned today= 1600


Hope everyone else at least is doing well. Take care!
(Picture is from a shop nearby me that recently added a little birdy as a pet, very cute, 10/10 cute chirping)


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