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miri's thoughts and accountability


oct 20th, 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 20 October 2021 · 0 views

hello everyone! i was so happy to see i didn't gain weight this morning! im was at the same weight i was at the morning before, 43.2kg. today was a restricting kinda day. here's what i ate a boston creme donut: 300 kcal
candy corn: 220kcal
saltines: 280kcal total: 800kcal after food weight was only 43.3!!


oct 19th, 2021 (bit of a rough day)

Posted by donotperceive , 19 October 2021 · 0 views

hey everyone. my day once again started pretty good. weighed in at 43.2 this morning. here is what i ate: a piece of my mom's date bread thing: not sure how many calories, guess 100?
a protein bar: 190kcal
a clif bar: 250kcal
cheese and turkey sandwich: 250kcal
choco pie: 170kcal
6 chocolate almonds: about 120kcal
-- it was at this point that i...


oct 18th, 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 18 October 2021 · 0 views

hi everyone! im back home (as in at uni, away from my parents) and glad to be so. it is so so much easier to control my food here than with my parents. surprisingly, while i was there, my parents didn't weigh me, which i am so glad about. maybe the saw me eating a lot and were not too worried because of it. i woke up this morning at 43.6kg. thats a l...


oct 16+17th, 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 18 October 2021 · 0 views

hey guys here is a quick overview of the weekend since i didn't post. 
on the 16th i woke up under my safe weight at 42.9kg. i ate 2 choco pies in the morning, headed to my parents', then ate some pasta and zucchini. my mom made these bread with dates in it and i ate way, way too much of it. for dinner, we had rice with ground beef sauce and veggies....


oct 15, 2021 (but late, lol)

Posted by donotperceive , 16 October 2021 · 0 views

hi guys, i finished up a paper i had due really late yesterday, so i ended up not posting an update, so here it is now. oct 15th morning weigh in 43.2kg what i ate:
candy corn:330kcal
cliff bar: 260kcal
chickpea, egg, and noodle soup: 400kcal
20 chocolate covered almounds: 400kcal? (not sure of the exact calories of these, but i think they are a...


oct 14 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 14 October 2021 · 0 views

todays gonna be quick cause im about to sleep morning weigh in 43.0kg, exactly my safe weight food: choco pie: 170kcal
egg, cheese and turkey sandwich: 320kcal
carrots: 70kcal
eggs with mushroom: 250kcal
cheese stick: 80kcal
ice cream: 380kcal
toast: 130kcal total: 1400kcal post food weigh in 43.7kg. maybe ill be close to my 43.5...


oct 13, 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 13 October 2021 · 0 views

wow im super tired bc ive been working on a 2000 word paper, so this update will be mostly short and sweet today i weighed in this morning at 42.8. I'm fairly significantly under my safe weight and i need to be 43.5 in like? two days now, so i decided to up my calories to 1400. here's what i ate: choco pie: 170 cal
protein bar: 200 cal


oct 12, 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 12 October 2021 · 0 views

hello again everyone! today the fire alarm in my building went off at 6:45 in the morning... lost a good hour and a half of sleep to that :/ i weighed myself after i gave up on going back to sleep and found that i was under my safe weight again (weighed in at 42.9kg). im going back to 1200kcal after my restriction from yesterday. today was a pre...


oct 11 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 11 October 2021 · 0 views

weighed in this morning at 43.5 kg and promptly freaked out :( thats up over a pound despite the fact that it take 3500 cals to gain that much and i only ate 1300 yesterday. i know that it's not real weight gain, i know im probably just retaining a lot of water bc of the soup i ate yesterday, and i know that im trying to maintain at least 43.5kg, and i...


oct 10 2021

Posted by donotperceive , 10 October 2021 · 0 views

hi everyone, happy 10/10 :) weighed in this morning at 42.9kg. im so close to the weight i was before i binged a few weeks back, but i need to stay closer to 43.5 :( i also am under my safe weight of 43 now, so im upping my cals to 1300 here's what i ate today: grilled cheese: 250kcal
ice cream: 500kcal
chocolate covered almonds: 100kcal

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