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guilty pleasure

Posted by lit2 , 08 December 2021 · 11 views

i am so ashamed of it but it feels good to throw away food. my bf’s mom got me a bouquet of chocolates and i melted all of them and threw them away 
it feels so shit, don’t waste, but so good, don’t eat


check up

Posted by lit2 , 08 December 2021 · 36 views

i gotta get a physical soon and it’s more motivation to lose


join my discord server :-) ana/ednos accountability 12/8

Posted by lit2 , 08 December 2021 · 31 views

i’m using discord for the first time to make a server for accountability:-). i refuse to let food have a hold on me any longer! i can’t be miserable anymore. i’m making the changes i need to and taking back control. i would love to support and be supported by others with the same mindset and goals :-3 a few guidelines i’m thinking -
•preferably age 2...


one day down. so worth it

Posted by lit2 , 07 December 2021 · 40 views

i did it T-T FINALLY. no intake but water and no nightly failures.
i kept myself very distracted and almost gave in a couple times but i fought it. it was damn hard but i did it and tomorrow will be even easier. #swag


thinspo 12/7

Posted by lit2 , 07 December 2021 · 50 views

ari is sooo thin now on the voice and she looks great. i hope she’s healthy and all.
her performance with kelly was awesome she looked so stunning in her purple dress


amberlynn reid

Posted by lit2 , 07 December 2021 · 58 views

i’ve said it so many times but…. i’m ready to overhaul now. tonight is the last night. i have to have a farewell to you, food, for i love you too much. i will miss you, 
and then i won’t.


have your cake and don’t eat it either

Posted by lit2 , 07 December 2021 · 54 views

i simply love food. i do. it would be stupid to act like i don’t like it. and if i want to be skinny i have to realize that there are sacrifices to be made. i fantasize about stick legs and then have a cup noodle. you can’t have it both ways  
one day of restriction will turn into two, then three, then five, then a week. i can do this. tomorrow can b...


field notes 12/6

Posted by lit2 , 06 December 2021 · 37 views

a skeleton rack, 
hanging the girl to dry.


naked and afraid 12/4

Posted by lit2 , 04 December 2021 · 55 views

i need to go on one of those wilderness shows so i can actually starve.
i’m such a failure
why omad? why can’t i just restrict?? god


period cramps

Posted by lit2 , 02 December 2021 · 24 views

i haven’t had my period in forever im in so much pain i want to eat a door

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