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becoming lovely <3


WL Rewards:)

Posted by Strawbeeb0nes , 14 January 2022 · 89 views

okay so i've decided to make a rewards list to motivate myself!    cw: can't check rn but probably 122lbs  120lbs:
Hello Kitty soup mug
I already bought it but I wont open it/ use it until I hit this goal  115lbs:
small haircut, French Manicure kit, and hair accessories
My hair has always been long bcuz of my m...


loving this routine<3

Posted by Strawbeeb0nes , 12 January 2022 · 81 views

yesterday was tuesday, so i did my Youth Liquid Peel on my face, and exfoliated in the shower with a pink loofah and rose scented soap. it was lovely:)  
my skin is clearing up soooo well so far. i think its a combo of diet/water and my skin care routine. but probably mostly diet. i'm still messing up a bit (mostl...


january goals: going well!

Posted by Strawbeeb0nes , 11 January 2022 · 75 views

i've been following my self care routine and its great, hopefully soon i'll have it memorized and itll just be a habit:)  
yesterday was monday so i used a cooling cucumber gel face mask and it was soooo nice  
i also deep conditioned my hair and washed it and conditioned again and wow its so incredibly soft now!...



Posted by Strawbeeb0nes , 10 January 2022 · 79 views

pretty features that i want/ am going to get:   flawless soft skin
perfect soft hair
pretty & long nails that are always perfectly manicured
soft hands <3
a flat stomach and 23" waist
a tight core with v subtle abs
long looking legs with an amazing thigh gap
a slim frame
perfect posture
white teeth


January goals:)

Posted by Strawbeeb0nes , 07 January 2022 · 74 views

I've decided i'm going to work on a new set of goals each month! :D  this month, i'm going to rly teach myself to love working out, being healthy, and taking good care of my skin  
i can't be *totally* healthy since i'm dieting sm and not getting enough calories, but i'm going to make healthier choices with the food i *do* e...


excited for 2022:)

Posted by Strawbeeb0nes , 30 December 2021 · 115 views

i want to be like the girls i see on pinterest so bad, i feel like i have potential; ive just never tried hard enough/ had the resources to get there:/   so here are some things i want to work on:
(if ur reading this, please feel free to leave tips for these things in the comments!!)   1) my body obviously lol
i want to...

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