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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.



11/28/2020: The Best Poop Ever

Posted by OfficialJeffProbst in The Mourning Pages, 28 November 2020 · 65 views

I just had the best. Poop. Ever. It was so big, but came out relatively easy. I feel so empty! And the last thing I wanna do is eat. Guess what I have to do? At least I get to have buttermilk pancakes. And I'm going for a walk today. Maybe. I really don't want to, but I just committed to it so there's that. Update:
I got out of it! My dad w...


nervous energy

Posted by Ethoss in Just Chilling , 28 November 2020 · 24 views

So I've basically eaten all my food for the day before 12pm, which is... not a great idea. Maybe I could have another 100 calories at 3pm, might calm me down a bit? 
House sitting yesterday was a total stress-fest, the instructions were too vague and I think I might've messed up a bit, but I guess it's over now and I just hope gah, that it works out....



Posted by thin-is-a-sin in thin-is-a-sin's Blog, 28 November 2020 · 17 views

12:40pm leftover mashed potatoes w/ veggies & coffee. 6:10pm small bowl of cereal.  
3:10pm walked outside for 26 minutes.  
Morning weight in: 129.6


Blog Introduction

Posted by Dreams of Winter in Triggered, 28 November 2020 · 19 views

This is just a very brief introduction to this blog. The people that I share my life with are very skilled at triggering my ED, and as a way to decompress, I thought it would be a good idea to have this space where I can reflect on what they said, how it made me feel, and why I never want to get back to a weight where people feel obliged to make such hurt...


happy saturday

Posted by connormurphy in zoe's accountability, 28 November 2020 · 16 views

weight: 211.4
calories: 630 so still at this weight, but i'm feeling solid about the restricting. also i think i'm gonna start doing some at home floor workouts. i was looking up chloe ting workouts, but i also don't wanna push myself too hard since i am also restricting a lot. we'll see how things go. i also finally got a full time adult office...


28-11-2020 Time to Change

Posted by ⭐Princess Leia⭐ in Rants, Tea, and My Fucked Up Life, 28 November 2020 · 23 views

Hi. Princess Leia here. Call me Leia, or just princess. It's my first time creating a blog, and I hope to be committed to it (more so than my accountability). I feel like it's time for a change. I really need to change the way I live my life. It is unhealthy for my mind, body, and soul. Sounds cliché, I know. But sadly it's true.  2021 will be a...



Posted by manuscain in drug log, 28 November 2020 · 36 views

430am-1 bowl
6am-1 bong bowl
8am-1 bowl
1030am-1 bowl
330pm-1 bowl
 i hate myself



Posted by Violet Pizza in Highway to being thin✨, 28 November 2020 · 34 views

I ate a bag of crisps last night and I felt awful afterwards not just emotionally but physically as well. Worse thing is I can't assess the damage it's caused because my scale isn't working properly (fucking great).I need to get my shit under control because my weight is starting to affect my breathing and binging is only worsening it. I saw a comment un...


About This Blog

Posted by OKaP in GLOW UP WITH ME! 2021, 28 November 2020 · 34 views

Hi everyone, I had a fun idea.
Why not GLOW UP in 2021?
From simple habits, to building self care routines, I want to create 1 new habit every week. Each week, I'll be conscious of adding that thing to my repertoire. Despite depression, I will not give in to feelings of helplessness, but push through with OPPOSITE ACTION, which will make me feel and look...


lmao its 2020

Posted by anemic in sleepstarverepeat, 28 November 2020 · 33 views

welp im back once again :P
to be honest once i started working full time and shit i totally forgot that this website even existed, which i supposed could be considered a good thing? who really knows anymore, its a constant struggle between fighting the eating disordered thoughts and accepting rational judgement. the majority of me wants to just ignore rat...



Posted by losingalice in Losing with Alice, 27 November 2020 · 32 views

Yesterday was okay. Ate too much but just around my TDEE. It was a decent Thanksgiving. 
Today, I've eaten okay. I didn't track it, but it's been good-ish. Worked basically all day. Got a sewing machine though!! Super excited. Usually when I get sucked into crafts and art, I am able to more easily manage my intake. My work schedule has mor...



Posted by sarmale in sarmale's Book Blog - December 2020, 27 November 2020 · 44 views

Just bought two e-books from amazon and hoping they are good. One is just romance and the other is fantasy which im stoked for. im saving them for the december book. challenge. I'll be. logging my cw and book reading/thoughts on this blog and on that topic but here will be more in-depth.  bought on 11/27/2020:
- Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bay...


I want to ugly cry right now

Posted by OKaP in We Can't All Be Cute For A Living, 27 November 2020 · 46 views

And I have no clue why.
I've repressed my thoughts for so long, I don't recognize them. My emotions are not my own to hold. I hate myself.
I hate that I can't even stop to think about anything.
I hate that whenever any sort of memory surfaces, I panic, I cry, and I get overwhelmed, sad, angry.
I hate that I must live in a constant state of distr...


why aren't there scales in hotel bathrooms?

Posted by butterfliewingthin in The Countdown Begins, 27 November 2020 · 43 views

! these are the real questions haha 
so idk what i weight. hopefully still at 103. I did a lot of cooking and tasting sauces yesterday so I hardly ate, did so much cleaning and running around my fitbit said i did 14k steps and 1.4 calories, i'm hoping that offsets whatever i food i did eat. drank much more tho. 
about to drink now! off to the st...


Happy Thanksgiving! Back to my LW again! 113 and Going Strong...

Posted by GroupieLov3 in Sugar, Spice & Jewel Mint Ice, 27 November 2020 · 48 views

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all enjoy the day with your peeps <3  Just wanted to quickly share a weightloss update:  I weighed myself today, hoping for 112, but was very excited about seeing 113 and still losing!
I expected a loss, as I've been very good about my calories, water, exercise, etc. It's true that the rate of weight...


November 27, 2020

Posted by sgopa in The Blog., 27 November 2020 · 37 views

Stupid sugar daddy is being fucking stupid and keeps stringing me on - he’s on the last straw. Might be time for a new one. Typing this here because I have nobody to rant to about him.


I Let Go

Posted by hippo-hips in hippo-hips' Blog, 27 November 2020 · 44 views

I’ve let go. I’ve left some old wounds behind. I feel lighter and lighter the more I let go. It’s like leaving heavy luggage behind and packing only the things I need. I let go of the shame for my dark circles. I let go of the shame for my round shoulders. I let go of the shame that I’m not rich. I let go of the shame that I have ASD. I let go of the sham...


From: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

Posted by seasnake in The Fasting Game: seasnake, 27 November 2020 · 59 views

Source: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time


i hate thanksgiving

Posted by local-loser in local-loser's accountability, 27 November 2020 · 30 views

heads up
typing this tispy
or drunk
probalby drunk
I also just suck at typing on my laptop rather than my desktop so idk
i weighed in at 141.8 yesterday(nov 25)
this am when i weighed it was 14 2.4 bc my bf made me eat dinner (quinoa veg and egg scramble, honestly kinda fucking perfect) huuuuuuuuuge amount of food for relatively low call, will def leave...


tday bluez, worries, Spirited Away?

Posted by justarandomgirl in justarandomgirl's Blog, 27 November 2020 · 31 views

I hope y'all survived tday and that at least some of you had an ok time. I spent the day alone eating spinach and halo top ice cream, among other random shtuff, which was honestly alright. I'm just struggling and wanted to vent as per usual, but now that I'm here I don't even know what to say. I'm just anxious I think. I know I'm unprepared for finals, bu...

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