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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.



day 2 cal intake

Posted by ciennaxmoonlight in birthday goal weight, 23 September 2020 · 0 views

~ i was so busy yesterday i forgot to log my intake yesterday but cal intake for 09/22/20 was 657


The beginning

Posted by Seekingskinny123 in Seeking skinny, 23 September 2020 · 16 views

I've got about 100 recovery/depression pounds that need to go. Ive been keeping a food journal, but I feel like putting what i eat on here might help prevent me from binging. I definitely need to exercise more so if I could get shamed into that, that'd be nice lmao here we go though
Starting weight: 260 pounds 9/19/2020
Breakfast: dole fruit cup:70 c...


🌻 introduction 🌻

Posted by yuh.mp3 in 🌸 we messy 🌸, 23 September 2020 · 19 views

s e p t e m b e r 2 3rd  Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself..
I'm an 18 year old male that has been struggling with an eating disorder for more than a year now. I decided to start this blog to keep track of my life, to note my feelings, thoughts and plans for the future. I am mostly writing this blog for myself, however I want someone else to...


Day 16 - Wish i had energy

Posted by Beastly_ in Here We Go Again!, 23 September 2020 · 15 views

back up at 211 today but i know its going to fluctuate daily. I just wish i had energy, i could sleep 20 hours a day. The struggle to actually do anything is ridiculous. I just want to climb into bed, put the TV on and stay there for a week. I just cant be bothered with anything, seeing anyone, doing anything.... i want to do absolutely nothing!! 


Second entry

Posted by ChildhoodDream in COVID-SKINNY 2020, 23 September 2020 · 22 views

So... I feel good about today... 
I ate 300 ish calories and walked 19km today. 
If I maintain a similar intake and activity level... I should easily  
Reach my goal of 43kg in one months time. 
IF I need to start working in a week from now I will continue with 
A similar intake... maybe instead of doing 4 hours of exercise a day...


i fucked up.

Posted by butterfliewingthin in Get Me Out the 110s lol, 23 September 2020 · 25 views

i ate today, and fucked up. it's my 5th run doing 5 day fasts and i haven't broken it midway since starting but today i just felt so LONELY that i couldn't bear it and i'm trying not to get high all day or drink myself silly so i cooked this hot n honey shrimp and sausage alfredo and went to town, then purged it all back. went all the way back to 116 and...


From: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

Posted by seasnake in The Fasting Game: seasnake, 23 September 2020 · 24 views

Source: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time


intro i guess ?

Posted by in ellie's ramblings , 23 September 2020 · 21 views

i think the purpose of this blog will be mainly for me to vent and track cals/food/weight but if other people want to read this thats cool ig just be aware this is all gonna be a complete shitshow.
im not even sure what my cw is,, it think its about 165? today i ate a couple apple slices, crackers, and some dirty rice for dinner my mother made. i hav...



Posted by Honey Noodle in Thoughts and rants, 23 September 2020 · 22 views

Friggin, I had been saving my fudge stripes for another day. I go to the pantry where I left them and turns out my sister ate them all.. "I was done eating and I needed something sweet" wtf man. She's always talking about how she wants to lose weight and eat healthier then cooks junk and does stuff like this. Man I just wanted some fudge striped cookies :...


Days 20 & 21

Posted by Aniakindaday in ABC Diet Vlog/Spicy Relapse, 22 September 2020 · 14 views

Sorry for not updating yesterday but my social battery is officially zapped. Successful fast on monday and then I had soup today which put me below 300 calories anyways. Purged despite that I was under 300 for absolutely no good reason. Very frustrated at the complete and utter lack of weight loss happening though. I will be rioting if this continues, or...


idk lol

Posted by kitty315 in Everyday Stuff, 22 September 2020 · 15 views

ugh. last night i took a picture of my back/butt and fuck. I literally wanted to die. like what happened. i had a comparison from a little over a year ago and I just look horrible now. and the thing is the weight difference isn't even that much, which makes me worry that when i get back down it won't fix it/look the same as it did. idk i'm fucking sad man...


made eye contact with my dad this morning and yep... still hate him :)

Posted by War on waist in War on waist's Iso Blog, 22 September 2020 · 23 views

It's actually ridiculous, I need to move back out I cant deal with this lol. Living with someone whom you hate, and who hates you, it dunnot work.
My mum's gonna be sad af when I go again but honestly, it was her choice to marry him and it's her choice to stay with him. I shouldn't have to be responsible for her happiness, but I feel awful for her and I k...


September 22, 2020.

Posted by γŠγ‚„γ™γΏ in γŠγ‚„γ™γΏ, 22 September 2020 · 12 views




Posted by Phantogram in Phantogram's Race to 50kg, 22 September 2020 · 18 views

After using MPA on and off for a couple of years now, i finally just realised I can post blogs through here. Previously I had been using WordPress or just writing in my journals. But now, I don't  
I have been struggling with disordered eating since I was in high school, even before that, however I remember it getting really bad during high school. T...



Posted by thin-is-a-sin in thin-is-a-sin's Blog, 22 September 2020 · 12 views

12:55pm cereal. 6:17pm 2 eggs & cheese.
Morning weight in: 136.2


100 days to underweight

Posted by ThinnerThanSophie in 100 days to underweight , 22 September 2020 · 28 views

Tomorrow is the start to 100 days to the end of the year. In these 100 days I'm going to be losing the 50 lbs I need gone to get to my goal weight of 110 lbs. 
Everyday I'll do weigh in, food diaries, and water and exercise logs. I'm going to be pretty and skinny and pure by the end of the year.  
Let me know if you want to follow me on my journ...



Posted by redcola in accountability blog, 22 September 2020 · 13 views

i couldnt really do OMAD today bc i didnt want to throw away my lunch but i think i did good! total cal ate: 894
total cal burnt:1,767
total cal: -873! my heart rate was in the 100s to the 160s all day today. i was kinda afraid o.O


Okay, I found some lumps in my neck

Posted by FF6600 in ✎ A Blog ✎, 22 September 2020 · 24 views

Okay, I found some lumps in my neck About a week ago, I found a hard lump in my neck, on the right side between some tendons. There wasn't anything like it on the left side. It doesn't move with the rest of my neck if I turn my head or swallow and it doesn't hurt to poke. It's currently about an three quarters of an inch long, and I found another one on the left side just under the back par...


Reminder to myself, do not date.

Posted by Igorina in Igorina's Blog, 22 September 2020 · 27 views

I keep thinking about the possibility of dating. Making a profile on a dating site (which is something I've never done before) and looking for something wholesome and romantic. I've been single since the beginning of 2019 and sexless since october 2018, and I wasn't getting more than once per 3 months before that, we had a dead bedroom situation goin...


Sept. 22, 2020 - FINALLY IN THE 140s!

Posted by TooMuchAdiposeTissueYUCK in From 160lbs to 140lbs (accountability), 22 September 2020 · 23 views

151.1lbs MORNING WEIGH IN Ate some noodles and tuna in the morning. NO PURGE. Around 4:30-5pm I decided to eat (even though I had debated on fasting from noon for 72 hours). I ate a LOT of cookies with the ramen and chips. I also drank loads of water and felt like I was going to BURST! 155.1lbs after eating all of that.
149.6lbs POST PURGE!...

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