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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.



5 March 2021

Posted by LittleRaven in Quoth the Raven..., 05 March 2021 · 2 views

Yesterday I ended the day at 1146in and 1621out. Wednesday I got wrong. I put I ate like 1027 and only had an output of 1200ish or something, but I read the number Fitbit gave me as a max intake. I actually burned 1657 giving me a 630 cal deficit.  Yesterday's cals continued:  Post workout snack bc I felt lightheaded: 106
98g nonfat yogurt:...



Posted by Bea_17 in Fast , 05 March 2021 · 19 views

So I’m starting a fast (liquid) and by liquid I mean soda maybe a monster idk. Then after the first week it’ll just be water and electrolytes.  
At first I’m gonna do 28 days then break for a 1or 2 weeks depending. Then go back on and do another 28 days.  
Don’t worry this isn’t my first fast but it’s my first this long. I’m not sure how I’ll br...


AIT Day 3 Log

Posted by tcbiwws in AIT Diet , 05 March 2021 · 26 views

March 4
Allowance: 750 Exercise: 818 cals Breakfast: oats + banana = 355


finally lost a pound

Posted by viofem in viofem's Blog, 05 March 2021 · 21 views

so i finally lost a pound. its taken forever. I would be happy just losing a pound a week. that is reasonable. my boyfriend has been doing the delivery food service and has lost eight pounds in like 10 days. He thinks he is losing too fast! I explained you lose faster in the beginning. Still eating a ton of veggies. I looked up bell peppers and it s...


From: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

Posted by seasnake in The Fasting Game: seasnake, 05 March 2021 · 35 views

Source: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time



Posted by ruru <3 in ruru <3's Blog, 05 March 2021 · 31 views

Today i ate about 500 calories :) :P


good evening fellow garlic bread lovers

Posted by saintjude in jude's feefees blog, 05 March 2021 · 22 views

everyone else keep scrolling :angry: im bottling my emotions and i dont know how to stop. i want to tell somone or even write in the MPA void but i cant. Anyway i just wanted to wish all my fellow garlic bread lovers a very lovely evening. bless yall 
heres some random thin/fitspo for viewing this


Down another 2lbs since yesterday

Posted by veracaine in veracaine's Blog, 04 March 2021 · 44 views

Mar 04 2021
I completed another day of the diet and weighed myself this morning, lost another 2lbs! im down a total of 7lbs at this point and it hasn't even been a week. I don't really have anything to talk about right now other than that and I got an accountability buddy! I've never had one so this will be fun (: I woke up to a text from them saying gm w...


No More Salt?

Posted by thin-as-me in thin-as-me's Blog, 04 March 2021 · 34 views

I have reached an impasse. I have tried reducing my OMAD dinner, improving the quality (aka swapping oily salad dressing for healthier avocado), and even making lots of tea (which has been helping). Yet, the real issue here is SALT.  
I am addicted to salted foods. (SALT is a hyperpalatable appetite stimulant).  
Yes, salt is addicting. You can...


Dear anorexia, I want my life back

Posted by ijustwannabeskinny16 in ijustwannabeskinny16's Blog, 04 March 2021 · 32 views

I already posted en entry for my blog today but I was just thinking about some things and I feel like a lot of people might be able to resonate with what I have to say, no matter what kind of eating disorder you have.  
I wanted to talk about my eating disorder and how it has affected my life just at the ripe age of 14.  
I never thought that I'...



Posted by thin-is-a-sin in thin-is-a-sin's Blog, 04 March 2021 · 25 views

1:30pm 2 slices of pizza. 3pm king size kit-kat. (400) 6:55pm half a whopper sandwich. (325) 8:30pm peach yogurt. (90)  
5pm indoor bicycle 20 min, treadmill 40 min.  
Morning weight in: 123.3


Surprisingly Delicious Tomato Soup

Posted by jkbs8 in A Lazy Girl's Restriction Food Blog w/ Pics (1000cal/day diet), 04 March 2021 · 34 views

 I'm not gonna lie, I thought this was going to be terrible - one of those meals I make myself suffer through because it's low cal & will occupy space in my stomach. And it doesn't look very impressive lol. BUT IT WAS GOOD! I've never been a soup person, and I just tried tomato soup for the first time last fall.
All the times I've...


day six; 3/04/2021

Posted by huhnoodles in 『 800 calories for 119 days 』, 04 March 2021 · 36 views

i went to olive garden today and i managed to stay below 600 calories
im v happy about that even though i didn't go to the gym :'( MEAL LOG:herb-grilled salmon (ate only half)pasta e fagioli ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀555 - 0 = 555 calories
my dad's leaving soon.. like in 5 hours
cant wait for freedom LOL


I Just Need To Vent My Sad Little Heart Out. . .That's All. . .

Posted by TooMuchAdiposeTissueYUCK in 140s To 120s (accountability), 04 March 2021 · 23 views

So today I finally took a rest day. I haven't purged in a while. I also haven't had much of an appetite today. I ordered cheese dip, chips and loads of chocolate. Because, honestly, I feel like having a good ole bing and purge session, if I'm honest. I've been so uber stressed out lately. So stressed my freaking face is breaking out. which is so unusual f...


Haha I messed up again

Posted by ☆彡★彡☆彡 in Getting to 90lbs ♡✿, 04 March 2021 · 20 views

Yeahhhh idk I just have a really hard time the day after binging. I should've fasted, but I can't if i'm not in the mood. I have to work Monday probably though, so I gotta do good the next three days. I'm gonna chug water and eat as little as I can. I saw a diet video on Youtube, so I'll just copy what she did.
​I might have to fake being sick too. If I...


Vending machines are ruining my life

Posted by NoMoreCheese in Of Empty Wallets and Vending Machines, 04 March 2021 · 33 views

It's time to leave the house, so I perform the little checkup dance. Keys, check. Phone, check. Wallet, check. Wait, the wallet is feeling a bit too heavy. I forgot to empty it. I go back to my room, and make sure everything is stored neatly. First the notes, then the coins, and lastly the cards. Now that my wallet is empty and feeling light as a feather,...


Day 4

Posted by desparadoisme in desparadoisme's Daily Blog, 04 March 2021 · 21 views

Ok so, i forgot to today yesterday day 4 march the 4th. Felt pretty shit after not restricting as i wanted to.
Meal: fish, walnuts, rice, konjac (ended up feeling guilty and purging). Few hours later tho: i had yogurt, walnuts, berries, banana and more yogurt. (convinced myself not to purge).
Activity: burned 400 calories on cardio.


i think im losing my hair...

Posted by butterfliewingthin in a tiny butterfly, 04 March 2021 · 38 views

ugh. i was 100 today. and i went way too hard on the laxatives this morning so i'm in soooo much pain, combined with the IBD I'm pretty sure I have, just makes for an awful day haha. thank goodness i live alone. 
i'm super sad tho - because today is hair washing day and unlike what i was hoping for instead it seems like my hair is falling out more th...



Posted by drowninglesson in drowning diaries, 04 March 2021 · 22 views

i didn't weigh myself this morning because i haven't had bm in a few days. but tomorrow i will no matter what because not weighing in makes me lose control fast. my stomach hurts. it's day 71 since my last period, i wonder if i will have it this month
my thighs feel swollen and fat. my arms feel fat. i feel weak and stupid and sleepy. I wish I could be a...



Posted by bluberryandbones in 40kg , 04 March 2021 · 26 views

today I started taking 5-HTP and PhenQ and I don't feel huge effects but I think they made the restriction easier.
anyway: - breakfast: myprotein veg bar + coffe ( 215kcal )
- dinner: konjak noodles with cottage cheese and zero sirup ( 105kcal )
- exercise: 15k steps  total: +320 -480 I haven't weighed myself yet, I think I'll do it next...

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