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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.




Posted by Becomingskinnyagain in OMAD for my own sanity and weightloss, 25 June 2021 · 35 views

I just got out of a huge b/p cycle that lasted, well... more than six months. As a result I've gained around 10kgs. I tried restricting but it always ends in a huge weekend binge. I read a lot about the OMAD diet/lifestyle and since I face hormonal imbalances (PCOS) I think it will benefit my health and maybe ease my anxiety (since it gets worse and worse...


From: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

Posted by seasnake in The Fasting Game: seasnake, 25 June 2021 · 20 views

Source: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time


Scared of Gaining | 06/24/2021

Posted by strawbunny in Bunny's Blog, 24 June 2021 · 35 views

I'm going to see my boyfriend in about 6 days. I'm going to be with him for over a month and we usually love eating food together. I feel like I'm going to lose all of my progress.. I finally just got into a healthy BMI and the worst part is I can't even weigh myself over there..sigh on another bad note I tried jump roping and I messed up my knee so bad i...


day 1

Posted by bunniipaws in | ❝ diary ❞ ꒱ food tracking + daily updates, 24 June 2021 · 27 views

day 1  calories eaten: 485(?)  calories burnt: ? (6 1/2 hours of working fast food service tho)  weight: 230 (?)  
╚═══════════════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═══════════════╝   today was difficult but not difficult at the same time. it got incredibly busy where i work, which mea...



Posted by thin-is-a-sin in thin-is-a-sin's Blog, 24 June 2021 · 30 views

12:41pm 2 cheeseburgers. (600) 4pm green tea. 6:52pm mac 'n cheese w/ mixed veggies & 2 hotdogs.  
Morning weight in: 122.0


24 June 2021

Posted by safeway in :3, 24 June 2021 · 24 views

Breakfast: none Lunch: none Dinner:
Progresso chicken pot pie soup (270)
cold brew and coffeemate creamer powder (65)

Total = 335


im graduating tomorrow, and im miserable

Posted by Akira_underwater in im the trashman, 24 June 2021 · 43 views

Made it through all my exams with all A's, I think that's how you say it? Anyway I got nice high grades. Nice, right? Wrong, I feel worse than ever, what the fuck is gonna happen now?
I'm literally free, I'm done, I'm moving out in a month - and here I am, fricking starving, crying in bed in the middle of the night. I've also fallen in love with this amaz...


Planted a Tree

Posted by FeatherintheAir in A Witch’s Thoughts and Food, 24 June 2021 · 48 views

So I slept till noon, which means less time to eat. I planted a tree in my yard today. Kinda strange I won’t be the one who gets to lay in its shade for a long time.  Calories:
993 consumed
400 burned
Net: 593  Very proud of myself.



Posted by mythics in °°°°, 24 June 2021 · 46 views

So a month or so ago, I started a new accountability, and tanked it. I gained back the 14 pounds I had lost due to stress and alcoholism. Over the weekend I hit a breaking point with how I feel about myself, so I bought a digital *Bluetooth*scale and am white knuckling the mild withdrawals you get when you drink too much alcohol while taking methadone.. a...


Day 18

Posted by Em0ch1 in My accountability to 55 kg, 24 June 2021 · 45 views

Day 18 
Breakfast: 100g bell pepper / 30 
Lunch: 160g apple, 75g bell pepper & protein yogurt / 226 
Dinner: pesto with pasta *-* / 394 
+ a protein bar & coffee candy / 197 
Total: 847 
Notes: idk today was hot as fuck. Couldn't sleep proberly bc next to our dorm is a gymnasium and the people that graduate thought it...



Posted by tunturikettu in tunturikettu's Blog, 24 June 2021 · 39 views

i haven't properly fasted in a really long time, i started on monday evening again, got to 67 hours currently. started feeling pretty nauseous and have been feeling really lethargic since yesterday so i decided to break my fast. i know i could've managed until tomorrow which was my plan, but instead i chose to give up. broke the fast with some vegan banan...


Thursday June 24th

Posted by Raccooner in Tea time in the coon den, 24 June 2021 · 35 views

Cal log:
Boiled egg 60c
Lady apple 133c
Watermelon 88c
Dates 162c
Made some mint tea. 444c total I'm going to spend a lot of time outside today, I've gotten rid of a lot of the binge trigger foods that were laying around but i'm still in a bad headspace so i'm going to spend the rest of the day outside (after school ends at 12). I messaged the s...


week 4 :>

Posted by bunnykcals in my weekly weight loss progress ^__^, 24 June 2021 · 64 views

this time again one thursday, lost 1kg since the last entry wich is nice. my goal for this month is 55kg so i think that could be doable :> 
thursday 24/06721 - 55,7kg (-1kg) 
ive also started kind of working out, i rly dont wanna be skinny fat lol and i also dont wanna be weak,,,and i am,,,i cant even do a push up on my knees lol but im wor...


In the hospital

Posted by Tiny Blonde Spoonie in Finally getting super cereal about this, 23 June 2021 · 62 views

Sorry for not updating, I'm still in the hospital and I gotta convince them I'm safe to leave so idk what my weight is, I'm just trying not to gain. 
I'm hoping to get out in the next week or so tho so fingers crossed


This day is a downer

Posted by AnnieSpeilberg in These Days Just Aren't , 23 June 2021 · 34 views

I got sick Suday. Bad congestion, fever, headache, and body aches. While it sucked to feel bad and I feel guilty for missing two days of work and not helping out around the house, Wow did it feel good to just sleep and sleep and not eat. I only had an bit of fruit for three days and nobody bothered me about it. Still feeling quiet tired and shakey. My lun...


june 23, 2021

Posted by cancermoon in daily food diary & feelings, 23 June 2021 · 33 views

- wasnt awake again lol lunch
- hummus wrap (114)
- half a mango (101)
- quest bar (170)
- health shot (25) dinner
- boca vegan burger (70)
- 1.5 cups watermelon (69
- 1/4 cup mango (25)
- yasso yogurt bar (100)
- monster ultra (10) exercise
- 45 mins treadmill total: 708 cals, 47 g protein so i had these boca vegan bur...



Posted by Bee's bones in Bee's blog, 23 June 2021 · 17 views

Weight: 100.8lbs / 45.7kg / BMI 18.4 
Total Calories: 990


23rd of June

Posted by Starve_away_the_pain99 in June Tracker, 23 June 2021 · 47 views

Due to anxiety and overthinking with the mental health check up tomorrow, I hyperventilated and needed to break my fast so I didn’t pass out. I had 1,577 calories in total for today, as I will be walking a bunch tomorrow and I instantly restarted my fast. 23rd June 2021
Current Weight: 167.4lbs (<1lb)
Next Goal Weight: 160lbs Note: I am goi...


a whole ass mess + plans for tomorrow

Posted by hungry._.bookworm in hungry._.bookworm's messy life, 23 June 2021 · 43 views

okeoke, i feel kinda gross rn but i guess that's to be expected; i ate quite a lot at dinner, purged then went out on a walk/run without cleaning myself up properly  Everyone looked at me strange but tbh if i saw a girl with vomit stained clothes and a pained looking expression sprinting down the sidewalk while struggling to breath and crying i'd sta...


26 days until July 19th

Posted by Chaos Coordinator in Lime Green Letdowns && Hot Pink Nightmares, 23 June 2021 · 55 views

26 days until July 19th You may be curious as to why I am counting down those days. They honestly have NOTHING to do with weight loss. It all has to deal with my change of schedule at work. I'll basically be going down to 2-3 days a week and I can't fucking wait. It's a loop hole that I did. Went on our schedule request off and put in every day off I wanted from July til Novembe...

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