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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.

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Hello! newbie but oldie

Community Introductions Today, 11:13 AM
Hi, I had an account here back in 2012/2013 and I managed to recover it, so I'm here desperately seeking support while I attempt to get back to my pre-baby weight of 130 in 2013. HW: 280 LW: 109 CW: 180 GW1:160 GW2:149 UGW:130 I'm in the NYC area, and a totally geriatric millennial at 36, with a...
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pear shaped body weight loss 😐

Anorexia Discussions Today, 11:08 AM
ppl w pear shaped bodies , at what weight / bmi did u start seeing changes in ur legs ? back at my LW, 4 lbs frm an underweight bmi i barely had a thigh gap while standing up straight :/ give me some hope pls
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Alivia D’Andrea

BED Discussions Today, 11:06 AM
I know that BED can be a spectrum... and this might be ignorant of me to say... But did anyone feel like they didn’t have BED after seeing how hard Alivia binged in her glow up series??? I honestly felt disconnected from BED when I saw how much and how often she was consuming... I feel bad but it...
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"Food crimes" YOU committed

Anorexia Discussions Today, 11:01 AM
There's this thread from 2016 about "food crimes" your family does. Now, I wanted to ask you, what "food crimes" have you committed before?  
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What are your March goals?

Anorexia Discussions Today, 10:29 AM
i know we're already 5 days in but just wondering.  i wanna hit at least one of my goal weights this month so i can finally play fucking cyberpunk which ive been waiting to do since christmas
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