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The war

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 07:04 PM

The war deep down inside of me is breaking me apart.
The hunger pains, and razor blades are becoming to feel so sharp.
Tears come to me when I look into the reflection.
Oh how far I am from perfection.
It hit me one day when I ran out of ideas.
Opened my doors, and came right in we're my two closest friends, Ana and Mia.
With words so bright and smiles so sweet, they taught me new ways to eat.
Yet everything has a cost, nothing is for free.
The only things I'd have to give up we're my health and sanity.
"Oh but it would be worth it!" They both proclaimed to me.
For that body I've always dreamed of can finally be reality.
Everyday that goes on by, my life becomes more of a lie.
With every secret, and the absence of each bite, I have convinced myself this is what's right.
Days were meant to be alone in your head and nights are for desperate cries wishing you were dead.
Nothing makes since, nor do they matter.
Life will only continue to be worse If I continue to get fatter.

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