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Pill with great reviews but very obvious dangers, scared of trying, not sure if I can talk myself out of it


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Posted 27 May 2013 - 02:17 AM

Obviously back in the day- the size 0 trend sort of endorsed 'Clenbuterol'- however the horse comments made me equate it with Ketamin, which I wouldn't touch in my right mind- and I was also too young and poor to get hold of it.


Now, there is a thyroid stimulating drug on the market called T3- or 'Cytomel'- which is meant to burn straight through fat AND muscle- side effects being the obvious, palpitations, sweating, shaking etc. 


It's not that expensive to get hold of because of distributors and legality in Mexico- and honestly, I bought some online the other day in my 'desperate' phase- and after sleeping on it, woke up and cancelled it- for two reasons


A) Though it's popular among body builders- it seems to represent the same problems as an anabolic steroid- and literally, I didn't know what it would do to ME as a person


and B) I went from 140 to 105 pounds when I first- not developed by eating disorder, I'd always had issues surrounding food- but moving to University concentrated them and I literally lost about two stone in a month and a half. Mila Kunis said that after she started eating normally again after slimming for Black Swan- her fat relocated to different areas- and I'm scared that if I lose weight in such a fashion, by something that had no regard for whether it was burning fat or muscle- it would change my body shape altogether- for example I'd lose everything from my boobs (no problem, really, as I can't stand them anyway) but absolutely NOTHING from my hips, leaving me disgustingly out of proportion. 


After gaining back 15 pounds after seeing some element of "recover"- I'm now, naturally, disgusted with myself, can't believe I let it come this far- and am having this thoughts about diet pills- looking for quick fixes. I've also become more dependent on laxatives in a very short space of time- probably because I'm desperate to at least get to the weight I was to even look remotely skinny. 


Has anybody had any similar thoughts- any experience with cytomel (T3)- or advice on kickstarting weight loss? I'm at the biggest plateu of my life and though I don't want to resort to EXTREME measures, I fear I will if I continue to see no progress (I'm eating 230 calories a day, doing the shred, only consuming black coffee or diet coke, running every two days- and I've been bouncing on the 120-117 mark for about three weeks- which is the highest I've been in so long and I cannot seem to shake it. I've had blood tests recently, so it's nothing to do with my thyroid as I suspected. Any advice at all. 


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Posted 27 May 2013 - 04:24 AM

Erm- I have no idea what I actually typed that made a guy in sunglasses appear but that was very unintentional

#3 Little Dove

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 02:58 PM

Any pill is a short term solution. So why take something that can serverly damage your body? For example, after taking steriods for 20 years, my grandmother passed away in January from cancer that was caused by those pills- she had to take them though- which spread to her brain, liver, and intestines. The pills weren't diet pills, but they severely messed up her body while allowing her heart to survive for 2 decades.


Why screw up your body for the rest of your life when you could develop healthier weight loss habits that you can keep up for a lifetime? Drink water, drink tea, take natural cleansers, exercise, etc etc etc. Those won't mess up your body (well maybe exercise will if you do too much or in the wrong way)!!!


Stay safe- I wouldn't take crazy pills like these.

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