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Newbie Hazing: The bullshit ritual that stops NOW.

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Posted 01 May 2017 - 11:30 AM


Right, enough is enough. MPA is one of the most popular and busiest eating disorder sites out there, but yet we're coming across as one of the most unwelcoming and downright nasty communities there is at times, and it's time for it to stop. For someone to join this site in the first place they are already going through a difficult time, and what are they walking into? Downright abuse. This is NOT who we are, this is NOT the way we roll at MPA. 


So it stops today. 


First off, let's take a moment to look at some relevant links:


MPA Community Rules - please pay special attention to #3


Mandatory Reading for New Members - please pay special attention to #2


No Real vs. Fake Discussions - please read through it all


Regarding New Members - a post not even a few months old, already flat out ignored


Being frank, it does not matter if you don't personally like tips. It is not your place to make the rules, it is your place to adhere to the ones set down by admin. It is perfectly fine to gently try and help someone, and let them know about the negative experiences you've had, but it is not OK (and nor will it ever be) to act like a self righteous arsehole. It has been clearly stated on multiple occasions by admin, and all members of the Moderating Team that you do NOT need a diagnosed ED to be a member of MPA, and you can be ANYWHERE on the spectrum - from disordered to dieting. 


It is likely that someone joining MPA is already in a very negative mindset with a shockingly low opinion of themselves, what are they met with? Outright nastiness. They are being ganged up on, undermined, and mocked. What lovely behaviour! How welcoming we look! Stop. 


Consider this - you are making someone who already thinks very little of themselves feel like absolute shit. You are risking sending them into worse behaviour, or driving them away from a community that could HELP them feel better about themselves - look how complimentary we are in selfies, how caring we can be in mental health threads For so many of you this is a haven, the only place you feel you can be yourselves, why are you denying others the right to that feeling of sanctuary? 


No, this is not all of you, but a significant proportion of you should be ashamed of the way you are behaving. So many of us have been bullied, belittled, abused - we all know how it feels to feel like shit, so why make someone else feel that way? 


Stop the bullying, stop the harmful behaviour, and try helping someone. Having a higher post count does not mean you own MPA.


As of right now anyone caught newbie hazing will receive a verbal warning. The second instance will incur warning points. You will not stop receiving warning points until you learn to be a supportive member of what was once a community I was proud to be a member of. 


*drops mic*


Note: This is being posted across all main forums, but only left unlocked in General ED Discussions.

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