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True stories about high-carb veganism? (HCLF/WFPB)

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#1 gabbybe123


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Posted 27 May 2017 - 04:52 PM

Hi all :)


A little background before I get into the (main) question. (potential tw in advance.)


I'm in the process of recovering myself from a major depressive episode, which involved a lot of binge eating, old ED behaviours resurfacing in general and being seriously unhappy, especially with the way I look, to the point of not going outside for 2 weeks straight. HOWEVER - I'm finally coming out of this horrible episode, and I've made the decision to go back to old vegan ways (I've been an on/off veggie/vegan for the last six years, however it's never truly stuck). I'm hoping this will aid my transition back into health, happiness, being able to exercise more and all of that fun stuff. 


Anyway - the point is, it's easy for me to envision sticking with this lifestyle if I think about the types of foods I really enjoy eating (veggies, rice, cereal, oats, smoothies, soups, stirfrys, curry, potatoes etc.) and feel I could probably eat these things endlessly, literally forever. The whole HCLF/plant-based/starch solution vegan aesthetic has always vibed with me too. I could watch Stella Rae on youtube, for example, for hours just because her whole energy is so positive and great, and she seems to be able to eat "whatever she wants" - tons of potatoes, rice, sriracha etc. (and still look fab) 


So I guess my question is, have any of you legitimately stuck with the HCLF 2000-3000 calorie thing for longer than a couple of weeks? Months? Has anyone had success on it? How much did you exercise, if at all? Did you lose weight slowly? Any weight at all? (Oh and btw I'm not talking like, the extreme Freelee diet, I'm interested in the more balanced, whole-foods-based kinda thing)


I want to eat the way these girls do so badly - I truly feel like it would make me happy, or least happier than I have been on low-carb high-fat + animal products with intermittent spells of bingeing (no sh*t). The only thing that wouldn't make me happy would be if I gained even more weight than I have already done during this depressive spree, by fooling myself into thinking I can eat this way long-term and still manage to cut weight on it. I'm 5'9" and my weight is literally at the point of tipping into overweight on the BMI scale. I'm tall and carry a lot of muscle which helps me out, but I really don't want to gain anymore. I'd like to slowly and sustainably shift down to a healthy comfortable mid-range for my height over the next six months to a year. I'm scared that eating carbs and sugars like these girls do will have the opposite effect on me... but damn i wanna eat & look like them. 


Putting my feelers out there - any experience or stories (good OR bad) would be welcomed and much appreciated! 


Cheers girls & guys <3


#2 θαυματοποιός



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Posted 27 May 2017 - 04:58 PM

Personally I didn't. During my first recovery I went high carb vegan, which I obviously in hind sight did it to maintain control. 

I started with 1500, 2500, then 3500 a day with exercise towards the end. By the end of it I had gained 54 pounds, which was good, but I only started maintaining with it once I was working out quite a bit. 

I also have blood sugar regulation problems now, and my doctor is thinking it may or may not be related. 


Good luck though if you try it out.



I was also a HCV for nearly two years. I think I was around exactly a year and 10 months or so? I'm not 100% sure. 

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#3 Loki♡



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Posted 28 May 2017 - 07:01 AM

I haven't been outside in 3 years. TT

But srsly if you eat that many calories daily it is very likely that you will gain.

I've lost weight eating 100% vegan high carb food. I felt pretty good too. But I was exercising soooo much and eating 600-1000 calories daily. The food was much more sustainable than junk so I think it really did positively effect my body... But I was still eating quite low calories.

When I tried to do this and not count calories and just be carefree and happy and eat "listening to my body" (I totally get what you want) ... I gained so much.

These girls are really convincing but I've personally known a lot of them bc I used to work for a company that sold vegan products so there were a lot of hclf no counting calories "happy" vegans. I'm talking the ones that post on insta about how happy they are etc....
Tbh mostly they were totally lying to get followers.
I'm not saying this girl is lying and especially if you're taller and active your TDEE is much more forgiving.

So basically what I'm saying is to try it at your own risk because there is a possibility that you will gain. Not to be the one to say it but CICO trumps all and anyway you slice it 3000 calories is a lot.
Even if you were pretty active (roughly based on your stats) your tdee would be 2,500. If you were not active 2,000.

So that would equal a gain. At best looking at the numbers you'd be lucky to maintain. And no loss Bc it takes -3,500 to lose 1lb. You wouldn't be creating a deficit.

My advice if you want to do this would be to have 2,000 calories daily max. That way there's the possibility of slowly shifting to a normal weight range and it's enough calories that your energy won't suffer. Worst case scenario and you don't exercise you will maintain.

But obv do whatever you want to and if it works for you that's so great and awesome! :) So good luck. Just wanted to try to help you out.
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#4 Guest_IdiotbutSweet_*

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Posted 28 May 2017 - 09:28 AM

Yes, for almost a year, and I gained 5kg. Never again.

In spite of my weight gain I felt weak and tired.

I personally need a lower calorie intake and to eat more fat to feel good.

However this diet influenced me to eat more fruit and vegs.
So it's a good thing.

Now I am just a label free vegan

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#5 HowAreYouToday


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Posted 28 May 2017 - 02:00 PM

I did it for a full year and a half. Never saw any weight loss. I ballooned like it was no one's business. Gained easily 40+ lbs in a matter of months. It's all bullshit, honestly. If you want to lose weight healthily, do the recommended 500 calorie deficit with the whole HCLF thing.


...sigh. I hate that I fell for such an obvious ploy tbh. Literally every other piece of scientific research goes against them, so many of them are hyped up on pseudoscience (or even solely anecdotal evidence!).


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Tried recovery, it wasn't for me.

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#6 gabbybe123


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Posted 29 May 2017 - 07:05 PM

Thanks peeps for your honest advice and anecdotes - I've decided for now that the idea of any more significant weight gain is too scary (even if the "science" spouted by these gurus keeps drilling it in that weight gain is a necessary step to eventual inevitable weight loss).    


I'm going to try to adopt a vegan diet tailored more to weight loss, although I feel a bit lost as I don't know if HCLF is still a thing I can incorporate or whether I should just start from scratch with something completely unrelated to macros.


Mahh :S


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