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Drink And Fit with Acai Berry

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#1 ThinOnlyChild


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Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:15 AM

Simply wonderful.
It tastes really nice due to its ingredients(Acai berry, blueberry, asparagus and parsley powder as well as Vitamin B6).
You just fill a glass/bottle with water and drop a tablet in. It eventually dissolves and you get a cold, tasty drink which'll help you lose weight,if fasting(when I bought it the pharmacist told me it just helps you maintain, oh and she didn't give me a weird look, instead we talked about medicines and had a great time! :) ).
Anyway, my point is you should try it. It tastes awesome and you get a cool bottle when you buy it(unfortunately I threw mine away, when I destroyed the evidence of this glorious purchase).
Also, the company that makes this has other similar supplements.
If you want additional info on the product, try searching:
"Drink And Fit- Power Health"

#2 iwishiwasthinner


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Posted 13 June 2013 - 10:55 PM

Sounds awesome! Powerfit seems to have so many great products! Oh, and for once somebody on here has made "freinds" with the pharmacists!
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I'm a low weight but an average BMI because of my age and my 4 foot 7 inch height. So instead, My goals are physical attibutes and comparisons.


Goal One- Hip Bones Showing

Goal Two- Flat Stomach

Goal Three-Thigh Gap!



I haven't acheived any of these yet. That's why they're still goals. But with pure determination and a little help from Ana, goals can be turned into victory.


Myfitnesspal is iwishimay, add me!


As of 6/19/13, I will be going on a weeklong fast of Green Tea and Water.

#3 ThinOnlyChild


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Posted 14 June 2013 - 01:57 AM

Haha, yes. My parents have a friend who's also a pharmacist. That's why I didn't visit him. Instead I went to this awesome lady near my school and made some more glorious purchases. We talked about school, life and even the pills together(she's been taking them too). But for now, I'm all stocked up. I guess my next visit will be in a long time, just so that I don't raise anyone's suspicion...

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