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Will EC Stacks Fail a Drug Test?

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#1 elizadeath



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Posted 27 September 2017 - 07:15 PM

I started EC Stacks two days ago (25mg ephedrine and coffee/energy drink once a day). I love it!

I was trying to look up California's monthly ephedrine purchase limit and stumbled upon a forum about how ephedrine will make you test positive for amphetamines.

The original poster said his urine test came out negative, but I want to apply for a union job, which I've heard has started or will soon start doing a hair follicle test. Some said that if you inform them you take Bronkaid, that can clear you, others doubted it, since someone who does meth might just say they take Bronkaid (I'm sure the test would show higher levels of amphetamines for a meth user than a daily dose of Bronkaid). Others said that there are markers to identify meth vs medications which might cause a positive result, like Adderall or other breathing medicines. Someone said that if an employer is strict enough to do a hair follicle test, they probably won't hire someone who gets any kind of positive reading.

Has anyone dealt with this? Does anyone know if the technology actually exists to tell apart meth from breathing meds? Should I try to get a doctor's recommendation that I use Bronkaid? Is it even possible to get a fake asthma diagnosis?
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#2 pinkandwhite


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Posted 28 September 2017 - 09:33 PM

I'm not a doctor, but I have asthma and experience with drug tests and use so lemme take a stab at it, I've never personally dealt with this but know a few people who have. 


The technology does exist, it's just that drug tests are expensive, especially as they get more advanced/technical. Most people I know have to submit proofs of prescriptions as a protection against false-positives on drug screenings.


It's not advisable, faking asthma is somewhat hard (my doctor made me breathe into a tube and that's where my diagnosis came from) and getting prescribed bronkaid instead of an inhaler off the bat is even rarer (at least in my state but we don't have OTC bronkaid here). Asthma pumps don't contain ephedrine.


It would help to know where you're being tested- eg. a retail store will only do a urine test, while police agencies and other government offices will likely use strand tests and have a strict zero-tolerance policy for anything. YMMV, but I know two people in union jobs, one doesn't get tested, the other has routine urine tests. Look up how long it takes ephedrine to clear your system and that might help (if it's an amphetamine I think it's only a few days?)




#3 Guest_Winterguy_*

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Posted 02 October 2017 - 06:48 PM

If you um, get a urine test, you'll be clear in 5 days. If you get a hair test, well, that can test for up to like 3 months. And no Bronkaid is allowed in Cali. Sooo....it's probably just a urine test, and you're probably fine if you stay off it for a week, but ... yeah you can test positive for amphetamines, which is an indication you're on meth, etc.

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