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Sharing Our Poetry and Prose

everyone share ILiveToMosh poetry prose writing expression no judgement

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#121 MartoPoto



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Posted 13 December 2020 - 02:02 PM

I wish my face were gaunt

As I turn, dark

Is cast in its hollows

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#122 Flaytinhain



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Posted 14 December 2020 - 04:29 PM

Sorry :( deleted

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#123 phoenixthelost


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Posted 22 January 2021 - 05:56 AM

This one isn't very good, but I'll post it, anyway. I just wrote it.

00:00- Empty
01:00- Watching the seconds go by
02:00- Sitting in slow agony
03:00- Getting colder
04:00- Why did it have to be like this?
05:00- Nausea. Is something wrong?
06:00- I wish I didn't have to eat.
07:00-20:00- Sleep. Sleep. There is no pain during sleep.
21:00- Shut up. Shut up. There's too much to do.
22:00- Will I always be exhausted?
23:00- Does the night love me as much as he does?
00:00- Empty
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☆We fall in love with the unattainable.☆

#124 phoenixthelost


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Posted 19 March 2021 - 05:16 AM

I see my fingers
Am I human?
Am I human?
I'm wearing clothes
Do they belong to me?
Why do I take up so much space?
My stomach hurts
I vaguely remember what my face looks like.
Am I human?
Does this body belong to me?

(I don't know what this feeling is called.)
☆We fall in love with the unattainable.☆

#125 blank'space



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Posted 24 March 2021 - 11:26 PM

This is not my poem but my grandmothers, who had anorexia her entire life. I illustrated and published a book with some of her poetry in it a year or so ago called Koans: Starving to Find Fulfillment, this is my favorite poem of hers -

(Title - Body Image)

I manipulate,
Twist my body to an unreal image

I play God,
Trying to be what I seek
But I don’t know what it is anymore

I’m doing this,
I destroy the real me
To suit an image

It pains
It pleases
But it’s not working
As the real person tries to
break the bonds I impose

Where can I find a middle?
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#126 RavenX


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Posted 26 March 2021 - 07:21 PM

Okay I wrote a poem. I'm a bit embarrassed to share it. My best friend and I lived together when we were between 16 and 18 years old, back in a time and place when that meant we weren't old enough for either benefits or a minimum wage. So we were skint. It was a strange time and the poem starts there.


In a run down council bedsit in the early 2000s, we had a freezing cold bathtub.

Cast iron inside granite walls.

Often we'd crouch on our boney knees under the cold tap, so the water could run over our hair.

Rinse some of the dirt off.

Nicotine stains ran down the walls. Evidence of warmer days when we had a gas token, and would run ourselves a bath to share.

Cleansed ourselves on the outside, while we poisoned ourselves on the inside.

But we were already poisoned. Adulterated. Damned. Toxic.


It's years later now. I'm a grown up with a nice home and a family. There are no nicotine stains in here.

Now, I cleanse myself with fancy lotions, herbal teas, good dental hygiene and fasting. I've still got boney knees. And I'm still cold, even with central heating on.

And I poison myself with substances, obsessions, and with you. At the weekends, in my free time, and in secret.

I have so many secrets. Stinging and bitter. Running through me like those nicotine stains.

Adulterated and adulterous. Damned, and toxic.
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#127 Magani



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Posted 30 March 2021 - 11:42 AM

hello ! i want to share one but please keep in mind that i translated it bc english is not my first langage so its not perfect lol


It has to stop.

Listen to me, I have the solution, first step, drown them. No no listen. I know

Tie up arms and legs, head first, push them. Don’t think about it.

I promise, there is nothing more peaceful, no bodies, no arms, no noticeable tears.

There is no more beautiful offense, so much said and so little done to say it like

It’s not you, it’s me or I’m still loving your shadow in the corner of a puddle

Or look, you were unwanted but useful so it’s fine really. I promise to suffer as much as you do. 

Everytime i’ll place my head onto my hands. Drown them, drown them tenderly.

Step two, look at the anvils sinking in water, as long as possible. 

Look at them fighting, do not lose any second of it. No they are not suffering.

Listen how we can’t hear them. This is peace. And she is worth her price. 

At least your hands stayed clean. Yes, you are still breathing. 

Step three, get home, don’t think about it. 

Find your poison and live with your eyes closed. For this, I trust you. Do not go back. 

No you are not suffering, stop asking this fucking question. 

This was not an alarm, it was an issue. I do not hear anything through the pond.

I did what I had to do, defense, panic, madness. Find your excuse now or you’ll regret it like I do now.

Now that I've sunk everything screaming to get peace which never came.

They would have devoured you anyway, they will come back anyway. oh.

Like starving mermaids they will crawl back into your bed and drag you inside a filled bathtub 

If you are not careful. Every night. 

Step four, breath -my lungs are full- I said just breath, breath harder. 

I don’t hear anything. You want to seek help ? 

Too late for that unless you want more questions for answers. 

Why did you drown them for so long and why so many ?

Was it not so obvious they’ll get back, better swimmers, heart resentment full, sadist’s patience in hand ? 

And you, how can you still not know how to swim ? 

Why are you coming back home breathless, puffed up eyes, dragging yourself on the floor, why... 

Last step. Some of you won’t have the strength to rise up, 

Some are just too heavy and for them, I wish good luck, I will watch you.

I have a whole writeblr or whatever lol

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