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Intermittent Fasting + Keto+ EC Stack Log

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Posted 18 April 2018 - 10:39 PM

Originally I started posting in an EC topic but it was dead and also my log is about IF and Keto too, so I will start a log here.

Hey guys! I have been following mpa for a long time but I just decided to sign up for sharing my EC stack experience. I will be starting tomorrow. 

As a brief introduction, I’m 25 and been struggling with binge eating for years. I have been fasting on and off for 10 years now. I am around 130-135 lbs but too afraid to get on the scale so I can’t give you a starting weight right now (maybe I’ll have the courage tomorrow morning). 

I want to lose 20lbs and have a graduation/meeting bf and family after a year coming up in a month. My goal is to fast as long as I can or at least eat something ketogenic in between while using ec stack. I will let you know of my experience.
Day 1 
So, I gathered my courage and got on the scale and it says...139.6! WTF! I was 128 lbs a month ago! This is crazy, but I'm not panicking, with the help of EC stack, I will handle this! There should be some water weight there anyway for I have binged last night as you may understand one of those "last" binges before a fast...
So Day 1: 139.6 
- 1 tablet bronkaid
- 1 tablet diurex ultimate (caffeine anhydrous 100 mg)
- 1 cup of coffee
- Fasted all day
Feeling great and productive, I haven't felt like this in quite a while. Even tidied up my bedroom a bit  :) I hope this will help also with my finals :/ 
Day 2 
Yesterday was really great, ec stack also helped me with focus and I studied for the longest time in months. I was really distracted, couldn’t focus on studying and thought about food a lot. Not this time! 

Also I have an anxiety disorder and I was afraid that ec would make me more anxious, but I was ok! 

Day 2: 136.0
- 1 tablet bronkaid
- 1 tablet diurex ultimate (caffeine anhydrous 100 mg)
- Fasted all day
Day 3
Guys this thing is a miracle! Yesterday I wasn't hungry at all. In fact, when I tried to tempt myself with some binge food (to test it) I didn't want to eat at all. So I didn't eat anything yesterday but decided to break my fast with something light and healthy and start a new 48 fast because I use other medication too and I am scared that a long term fast can enhance the effect of the medicines and ephedrine and cause seizures or other problems. 
Day 3: 133.6 (6lbs in 2 days!)
Break-fast point: 56
I could only eat the half of my breakfast. Got some multivitamin and vitamin D too.

Day 4
Day 4: 131.8 lbs 
Total loss: 7.8 lbs
Break-fast point: 36

Feeling good, a bit cold though.
I wanted to switch my breakfast hours to dinner so I ate at 9 pm after 36 hours of fasting. I couldn’t even eat my dinner which consisted of a steak and cauliflower rice cooked risotto style. I can say I ate more than half of the cauliflower and a bit of steak. I felt so full, I had to force myself. I also took multi, iron and vitamin d.
Put too much salt in the cauliflower so I am a bit scared of the scale tomorrow.
Day 5
Unfortunately, due to last night's dinner I was 132.2 this morning  :( (+0.4 lbs)
Today I had 3 bronkaids, 400 mg caffeine pills and some coffee. I was feeling full all day. I received some online shopping shipments so I tried them on and they looked great on me! Weight loss is very visible.
Sadly, in the afternoon I had some sort of a fight with my boyfriend so ended up "bingeing" after 24 hour fast. However the binge was made up of keto foods and didn't eat too much so I feel ok. (Feeling bloated and gassy though).
Fasting forces you to eat healthier because you want to nourish your body in the limited times you eat. Things I ate:
- 1 boiled egg
-1 tomato
-little bit of feta cheese
-some sunflower seeds
- a keto "dessert" I made out of 10 mg butter, 1 tb spoon swerve, 1 tb spoon cocoa
-multivitamin, iron, vitamin d, omega 3

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Posted 25 April 2018 - 01:09 AM

Hows this going??? I want to do keto and IF, just dont know where to start!

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