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I just ate my entire TDEE in digestive biscuits

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Posted 25 May 2018 - 05:47 PM

Why do biscuits have to be so high calorie and why aren't I feeling as bad about this as I should? Do I have an addiction? Is there some sort of rehab I should go to? Should I just keep eating them? (That last option is seriously very tempting, I actually ate another one while writing this)


Yeah yeah, I know I'll regret it later and everything, but it's a cheat day for me and I've burned it all off. Let me live XD 


(Digestive biscuit mono anyone? Sounds good to me, not sure if I'd lose on it but I'd be willing to try it anyways :P)

#2 coldthin



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Posted 25 May 2018 - 05:48 PM

I can relate to this spiritually


I fucking love digestives, I've done this before lmfao

they're a big fear food atm

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they / them  or  he / him


I think I'm pretty smart but then again I'm also an absolute fool so you'll never know which version you get to see


my thread  ^u^




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Posted 25 May 2018 - 05:55 PM

I'm going to ban them from myself from next week onwards, so I binged on them today instead. Pretty sure that's not how it was supposed to work! But whyy do they have to be so unhealthy, I have the low fat ones and they're still 70 cals each and I can easily eat 10 in one sitting (and people say I have a small appetite, oh if they could see me now!)


(P.S: They've just started to fight back, there's like a cheesecake crust forming in my stomach and it's not pleasant (still worth it))

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Posted 25 May 2018 - 09:53 PM

they are addictive little fuckers for sure 

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I have a youtube channel too!

subscribe if ya want


(going to upload videos soon!.. more ed content and random shit)



You are you,
Perfection and goals,
How I long to see you be whole" - S'mores

#5 Guest_Gïngër_*

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Posted 26 May 2018 - 12:51 AM

Chocolate digestive biscuits are either the spawn of Satan or God’s most beautiful creation and I can’t decide which.

And I’m not even religious but that’s the only way to describe them.
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Posted 26 May 2018 - 03:14 PM

Chocolate digestive biscuits are either the spawn of Satan or God’s most beautiful creation and I can’t decide which.

And I’m not even religious but that’s the only way to describe them.

This is too accurate, I feel like we should be in a digestive biscuit cult or something. 

#7 pink poison

pink poison

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 04:21 AM

Oml same. Only it was whole wheat biscuits for me. Ate a whole fucking container. And i still crave them??? Ugh. Just gonna rule today as a mono day.
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#8 ʏᴍɪʀ



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Posted 27 May 2018 - 03:10 PM

i have to stay away from biscuits because i know i'd tear a whole pack easily. i've never tried digestive biscuits though 

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sad idiot, 22

#9 calista M.

calista M.

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Posted 06 April 2019 - 07:56 PM

 i saw them at the store and the key word was "digestive." so I bought a pack to help with the troubles i have. I was only going to have one but then I realized how good they were. I thought they were going to be bland and tasteless. but no. I ate half the pack before I threw the rest out for being too tempting. if I didn't I would've eaten the whole thing. don't let the name fool you. those things taste like straight up COOKIES. havent bought them since. 

#10 Guest_Shirayuki Miyoko_*

Guest_Shirayuki Miyoko_*
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Posted 08 April 2019 - 03:13 AM

OMG, same, but with chocolate chip cookies 😭😭😭
I love finger foods so much 😭
I just realized that the main factor of my addiction isn't the food itself but the movement that comes with it, because it makes me feel productive (like I'm doing something). I think it's sometimes also brought upon me by my neurotic personality (I'm always anxious and constantly in need of doing something)

That was completely off, I'm sorry 🙃🙃🙃

#11 Joanie


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Posted 08 April 2019 - 08:48 AM

Omg, yes. If I buy any cookies/biscuits I will eat them all. Chocolate caramel digestives were my favourite as a kid.

#12 loosethecordsoforion


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Posted 08 April 2019 - 06:37 PM

gosh, I love digestive cookies. I fully sympathize. I didn't realize how old this thread was. I just saw " digestive cookies" and was "yes!!"

#13 Aevia


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 09:40 AM

I absolutely love biscuits and I too can easily demolish the entire packet (or two)

I try to not keep them in the house now because I will inevitably binge on them.

28. uk. veg*n.

Basically, once there was this badger and he told me the secret to weight loss was believing in the smell of your own farts. Every day since then I've taken a big whiff, and whaddya know? It works. So there you have it kids. Farting works. 

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