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♪ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜɪᴇ's ʀᴀᴅɪᴏ ♪

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#1 Guest_gothkr_*

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 03:36 PM

hello~! i'm making this thread to share music i like and maybe meet some people that also like the bands i like!


updates may be sporadic,, sorry 'bout that. every update, i'll post my thoughts on the song and kinda review it, if the songs aren't in english then i'll probably post a small translation for them too!


i hope you all enjoy!





#2 Guest_gothkr_*

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 05:59 PM


the song rapline released for this year's festa!! ohhh my god, i love it so much.

aight, let's dive into the meaning of this song. if you don't really know korean culture than this may be a bit confusing, but i'll explain as best as i can.


the background track is a diss within itself. some people claim that bangtan have become too western, so they seem to have used some korean traditional instruments for the track!! they make it work well, as always.


means a lot of things -- 1) the sound of a bell ringing 2) the sound you make when smth is incorrect (like bzzt in english) and 3) kinda like "freeze!" when you play freeze tag? but it's the sound you make when unfreezing someone. you can see they use all the different meanings in the song.


"1-8 1-3 3-8" this is in reference to a korean card game which is kind of like poker. the game uses 화투 cards, 12 sets of 4 cards, and each set represents a month and a flower. only 10 sets are used in this game, though. a pair of cards from the same month is called a 땡. The highest point combinations are made with 1,3 or 8 special cards. 1 and 8 give the same points as 1 and 3, while 3 and 8 is the best combination in the entire game.


hoseok's verse is delivered almost in an amused, mocking way. in the first line, he mocks the people that said/still say that hiphop/their rap style/bts is ddaeng or incorrect, while in the second, he uses bang to say that they're doing fucking amazing on the charts and worldwide. he then proceeds to go on and brag about how he (and the rest of bts) has a good house and how he's living the life the antis can only dream about. "i like you! this success is thanks to you!" is basically saying that he loves the people that hate them because they made bts big. the next few lines give off an amused energy, telling the antis to think calmly and accept that they're big now.


yoongi's verse is sarcastic. that's it, that's the tweet. lmao but really, he doesn't seem to care at all, instead choosing to laugh as he recites what others have said about them and brags about all of their accomplishments, all while saying "bae" at the end of each line. i'm pretty certain this is in reference to namjoon's part in cypher pt 4, where he addresses all of the antis as "bae" in a taunting manner. when he says "고맙다 고맙다 고맙다" the tone is like the voice people use when giving mock pity. it's so cute, but you still feel offended... even if it isn't you getting taunted. he says thanks to everyone that's hated on them, even the soon to be idols/even idols that have already debuted, then has the nerve to tell them to keep worrying about bts,, goddamn.

you may also notice 끗 is used in his verse twice! 끗 is the combination of the last two cards in your hand (while playing the card game mentioned earlier). it's used at the end of the verse and is supposed to be like 끝 which means the end! the two words are pronounced the same, making it so they can refer back to the card game but also make a pun(?).


ah... onto namjoon's verse. this man does so, so much wordplay in his verses, it hurts my head tbh. he also sounds really, really bored, disinterested. it makes me think of him picking at his nails while he calmly roasts some people.

"you're a 7끗, i'm ddaeng" 7끗 is a bad combination in the card game. "you dregs" is basically worthless people. 떨거지 is the word. 두욜땡 means "do your thing. 두 is pronounced as "do" 욜 is pronounced as "your"  땡 is pronounced similar to "thing". it's a play on how "thing" and "ddaeng" sounding familiar in korean. then, if he hadn't already shot the antis dead, he proceeds to mock them by stuttering out what is/will be said about/to them now that they're famous and shit. it's so funny. "only accel, no brake" is also a play on words. 엑셀 is the word for accelerator in engines. so, he's saying that they excel with no breaks!! the line about the frog in a well is from a story where a frog in a well thinks that he's a big part of his world, only to find out tht he's a small part when he climbs from the well.


i absolutely can't stop listening to this,, it's so lovely.



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#3 Guest_gothkr_*

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Posted 20 June 2018 - 02:02 PM


this song's underrated ):

it's nice and kinda calming, the beat i mean.


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