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anorexia weightloss story

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#1 Manic Yandere

Manic Yandere

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Posted 05 July 2018 - 09:54 PM

I'd love to hear how you found out you were anorexic/bulimic, what you do/did, etc...

It's always nice to know mroe about others on here.

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#2 103Chickpea


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Posted 05 July 2018 - 11:46 PM

I developed a thyroid disorder around the time I was 16, but I wasn't diagnosed until about 18. I felt really powerless, doctors told me all of my symptoms were "normal" for a teenage girl even though I knew they weren't. About the time I was 17, I put myself into a fitness class at my high school. They taught about diet/exercise, we had a "biggest loser" competition (which I effing WON by a long shot and still proud of that). I started hitting the gym, being very active- all very healthy weight loss. It was this class when an anorexic woman came in at the end of the year and talked about her own experiences. The calorie counting, going to the gym 4 hours a day. Gave us lots of numbers around her diet, her weight loss. I was hooked, started obsessing over calories and would go to the gym for 4 hours minimum a day. I lost weight rapidly, then hit a plateau- started binging and purging. It wasn't until I got on my meds that my weight loss really took off, and I hit a low weight of 103 lbs. I was hospitalized for a short time; became pregnant. I stopped exercising, I stopped purging, but I started binging almost everyday. The doctors put the fear into me, and it worked. I had a healthy baby. I became so depressed after that I continued to gain weight until I reached my high weight.


Last year, I started restricting. I was being bullied pretty badly about my appearance, almost every day. Became too ashamed to eat. I lost 63 lbs in 2 months, and have been switching between maintaining my weight (hopeful for recovery) and eating nothing. Dropped 14 lbs in May, nothing in June. Don't know how July is going to shake out yet. A part of me wants to maintain for my son- another part wants to die unless I get back to 103 again.

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#3 lenarexic



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Posted 06 July 2018 - 12:02 AM

right before I began middle school, some new girls I was sitting with at lunch started talking about weight. the skinniest said, "god, I feel so fat. i'm not eating breakfast tomorrow" and before that I'd never considered my weight at all or how to lose some. the next day, I purposely didn't bring lunch to school. it felt empowering. that summer,  when other factors in my family life began to spiral out of control, I went to restricting as my haven. I didn't calorie count, but I remember just surviving on green tea and eating dinner at night. it increasingly got more addictive and worse. I started self harming. then, school began, and things looked up. I still had spotty eating and looked at thinspo every now and then and never ate breakfast, but I found new friends and such. I began to count calories. the summer after that, I was determined to lose weight but didn't commit quite enough. I floated in and out of disordered eating and found out about kid chats and other ED places. it wasn't until the fall though that I was religiously cutting, restricting and active in pro ana groups. just recently I started using MPA a lot.

so yeah. in terms of weight loss, I never had a dramatic drop like most do-maybe im still waiting for it. my ED has been a quiet but prominent force in my life and hasn't don't physical damage yet, but sometimes I wish it would.


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#4 lipglossier


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Posted 17 October 2018 - 11:24 PM

All my life I have struggled with my weight, and have thought I was fat for as long as I can remember. I was always the fat girls and was always bullied for my size. But what really started it was when I went to this camp full of pretty, skinny girls and cute boys, and the girls made fun of me for being fat. Not to mention, I was super boy-crazy (still am) and really wanted to be pretty enough to have a boyfriend. When I got back from camp, I looked up "how to be skinny" or something and I ended up on a super-2010 pro-ana blog. I started using the tips and tricks and diets from the blog and started to restrict calories and go on diets and it went on from there. The main reasons I wanted to lose weight were to impress boys and become popular, which were and are my life long goals


#5 Birdy-Bones


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Posted 18 October 2018 - 12:41 AM

I used to have really bad depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Everything was out of control. I'd find absurd ways to hurt myself and even got in the middle of other peoples fights just to have violent people take it out on me. It was awful. Eventually I started refusing to eat. I always stop feeling hungry when I'm sad. But then i noticed i was getting thinner... and that felt really good. I've never been overweight, but I was at a 25bmi when I started. I started to focus on getting thinner. I was finally in control of something. Refusing meals was so nice to focus on instead of being sad. Then all the compliments came. People started to say I was beautiful and I earned my throne at the top of senior-years social hierarchy. Anorexia had become my best friend. It was the only thing I was in control of... until it started to take control of me. I used to feel so good about it. Now I can't stop. I'm fainting and sick all the time. I cant hardly work, but it's worth it, right? Because I feel good about it. Then I started to break down because I wasnt skinny enough. I still have those nights. It makes me realize I've never been in control of my eating disorder, I've been a servant to it all along.


#6 Optionless



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Posted 18 October 2018 - 01:01 AM

I had weird eating habits since I was very little.

I remember stuffing as much food as I could into my mouth, running to the bathroom, and spitting it into the toilet when I was about 9. 

Then when I was around 13, I had a friend who was a bully. She was always making comments on my weight.

My mom would also always go on diets, talking about her weight or mine. Even though I was underweight for most of my life, my mom was always encouraging me to lose weight. 

A few years ago, things just fell apart. 

It started with me exercising and eating healthy. Then I plateaued, so I cut out breakfast. Then lunch. Then I started limiting my dinner options. Before long, I was at my LW and eating under 300 calories a day and fasting for up to ten days. 

At that point, I was put into a PHP and gained back 35 lbs.

I did okay for a while, but was put on an anti-psychotic a few months back that made me gain 15-20 lbs in about a month or so. 

Now I'm relapsing. 

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