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how are you able to eat so little?

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Posted 10 June 2021 - 08:29 AM

i used to only be able to keep down little amounts when i was younger, im talking 400 cal a day max. most of the time i would eat only fruit and broccoli. that on top of constant exercise.

now i have 2 jobs and school to do. i eat about 1300 max, but i don’t count my calories religiously either. most days i probably have 800-1000. i exercise frequently and my job has me on my feet and walking/lifting/ carrying things for hours so it balances out, i end up losing pretty quickly when i try. eating over 1000 gives me a lot of anxiety and guilt. my body dysmorphia is directly tied with feelings of fullness.

weirdly enough, im maintaining my weight so much better eating more, than i did when i barely ate. i was fluctuating a lot but in the range of about 105-115 lb when i was younger, rn im maintaining solid 110-115 ill be back down into the 100s soon.

i have some chronic health issues. if i don’t eat little bits throughout the day and constantly drink water/Gatorade/pedialyte i will go into an episode. i have to keep my sodium, blood sugar & blood pressure up. the other day i nearly fainted while driving bc i fasted for awhile... then had to go to the hospital to restore fluids cause anytime i tried to eat/drink i would vomit profusely

i sometimes do restrict lower than what is healthy for me. but i value my education and my ability to function more than my eating disorder, and i grieve everything i already lost to my ed. if im going to engage in my ed behaviors im not going to let it take control of my life. im in recovery for everything else except my ed. ive worked really hard to be better mentally, and that’s definitely helped my compulsions to restrict very low.

however it’s still really hard for me to be comfortable with the amounts i eat. i would ideally eat less. if i don’t have anything to do that day i usually will eat less.

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Posted 14 June 2021 - 11:44 AM

The only reason I am able to restrict so low is because I gradually reduced my calories so that my stomach shrank and because my brain is just really  stupid and unreasonable, lol.

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Posted 14 June 2021 - 01:21 PM

The only times I’d eaten like that I just didn’t care and felt emotionally worse than whatever hunger could do.

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Posted 14 June 2021 - 01:29 PM

i'm not eating that low right now but in the past it was because i was just so terrified of food. had nothing to do with how fast i lost or anything. 

i want to commit, restricting is a compromise at this point.






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Posted 14 June 2021 - 01:43 PM

well first off right now i dont "eat so little" i don't eat at all like i don't eat solid food anymore i just drink liquid calories when i do have an intake and i stay below 200 cals a day, the other day i had 257 cals and i almost ended my life bc i'm that bad of a state, anyways the way i'm able to do this right now i think is a combination of things, i think i'm just very mentally ill with my ed to say the very least like it's just the worst it's ever been and i just can't get a grip but also i'm on a medication that has been shown in many many studies to cause anorexia or make recovered anorexics relapse , it's often used to treat binge eating and i actually went on it to help my binging but we knew it could worsen my restriction but idk i'm just a bad headcase in general but when i see my psychiatrist tomorrow i'm going to tell him i'm back to severe starvation as i actually just got out of the ICU bc i had an OD and with it i developed refeeding syndrome and was on TPN and had an ng tube and now i'm right back home and right back where i was before as far as the severe starvation so i'm gonna ask him if he knows anybody that would be willing to work with me so i can do enteral or parenteral nutrition at home (my local hospital is very resistant to treating me inpatient and has no inpatient ed treatment and won't treat me medically for my ed unless i'm literally like having a heart attack  or my blood sugar was at like below 2.2 etc) but my psychiatrist is amazing still and he will do what he can despite him not specializing in eating disorders and there being very very limited resources here...

<p>Worst relapse in many years currently, really unwell and this isn't "ana" "mia" butterfly level sh*t it's, please G-d don't let my ed stop me from waking up tmo or giving me a heart attack on my next run Cw: 146lbs/66.2kgs.. Referrals just going through to be on the waiting-list for treatment& stuck between wanting this mental and physical torture to end but also i want to lose so much more and give in completely Hw: 100kgs+ Lw: i was in hospital and couldn't stand without passing out, like 50-52kgs (not low but medically compromised) Ugw: 88.5lbs/40kgs (prob super unrealistic but my ed thoughts tell me i must and can get there) Eating disorders aren't weight disorders, they're mental disorders (try to remind myself of this everytime I see the number on the scale)<p>Currently feeling like MPA's resident of oversharing, constantly repeating shit, too much venting, and just clearly a frightened child stuck in a fat, very mentally ill, 24 year olds body ... add my new ed and mh focused and safe place snapchat: littlelar15  .. desperate for socializing and friends in general

#746 MyAnnebelleLee



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Posted 14 June 2021 - 09:34 PM

im honestly not hungry/wanna lose weight quicker/feel guilty

#747 chopstick legs

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Posted 11 July 2021 - 06:08 PM


#748 djvenuslove



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Posted Yesterday, 03:38 PM

i think its all about the will and this huge feeling to prove smth to someome. i also kinda love this pain that hunger gives (yk emptynes, u feel dizzy all the time etc). plus i just hate the feeling that food gives. i start to get warm and bloated, it feels like in a sec im gaining 45654645 kilos of pure fat from each bite. then i just cant even function normally, so yeah. its easy

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