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Ways to stay motivated to stick to a diet?

ana diet motivation help

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#181 bananbröd



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Posted 06 March 2021 - 10:59 AM

I think reminding yourself that it gets easier can be helpful 

Whenever I'm on it I am ON IT, it's always just the first three days that are hard, but after that things start to rock and roll 

so you just need to remind yourself for the first stretch that it can only get easier. 

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one day binge free

#182 lovebunnyx



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Posted 18 April 2021 - 12:26 PM

clean your house / room

make a vision board 



take a walk


have a job


watch inspiring weight loss videos on YouTube 

watch ed documentaries 


if you’re busy, you won’t be thinking about food

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I want to be  s k i n n y 

#183 youvur


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Posted 05 October 2021 - 08:06 AM

Ok so dis is my recommendation:


- dont call it a "DIET" its a "LIFESTYLE"

- establish support network e.g. close friends, MPA community :) and talk to us when ur not feeling good or wanna binge

- eat what u want but in SMALL portions so u dont feel full

- try to eat only when ur hungry - dont starve urself listen to ur stomach rumbling it'll get less over time too so dont worry

- do stuff u enjoy maybe sport watching movies shopping games etc.



 this is literally it!

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#184 youvur


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Posted 05 October 2021 - 08:07 AM

-Don’t call it a Diet, as stated from the other comments

-Make sure to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, tea and coffee if you prefer

-Light but not excessive exercise

-Try to avoid purchasing items that tempt you to binge

-Break small meals down (ex. 1st meal 6am; 2nd meal 9 am; 3rd meal 12 pm; 4th meal 3 pm; 5th meal 6 pm; etc.)

- Find Low calorie foods/ meals that your comfortable with and that are filling

- Like the few comments above me if you restrict/ use to restrict don’t restrict to low or if you fast/ use to don’t do it too quickly give yourself time to adjust

What worked for me when after I relapsed out of Residential and I was in a B/P cycle is that I ate between 1,000-1,200 for a few weeks sometimes 1,200-1,400 depends. Then I lower it down once my appetite started to die down I switched to 600-800 calories (You don’t have to lower your calories or restrict this low...)

I hope this helps...

this too

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#185 aigoshibal



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Posted 22 October 2021 - 10:53 AM

I'm wondering this as well. A lot of these answers are helpful though

#186 dietinged



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Posted Yesterday, 06:08 AM

im having a ton of trouble sticking to a diet and for me when i get depressed i tend to eat alot, any tips on how to break that habit and stay motivated to eat less?

keep yourself busy and you won't think about food that much

#187 lucidream2003



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Posted Yesterday, 08:47 AM

This probably wouldn't work for everyone, but I personally use a grading system to stay motivated to restrict, because I'm already motivated by grades in my daily life anyway. I start with an "ideal" calorie limit (how much I would prefer to eat), and after every meal, I tally up my calories (what I've actually eaten). Then, I assign a letter grade to that day and record the grade in my calendar app. Here's my current grading system:

A: x ≤ 650         

B: 651 ≥ 833     

C: 834 ≥ 1016   

D: 1017 ≥ 1199 

F: x ≥ 1200       

Obviously, this is an extremely neurotic and obsessive way to do it, but it works for me so...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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