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#9201 widepeepohappy



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Posted 02 January 2021 - 08:02 AM

i need to know other people experience this...

whenever i purge its basically projectile. so many times ive gotten it all over right above the toilet bowl and past the toilet onto the floor behind the toilet, so i have to clean all that up.

but the kicker... is that happens too in public restroom purges.
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currently sporting a yee yee ass haircut

#9202 Salamander



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Posted 02 January 2021 - 09:30 AM

I once did the same with steak and other meats. I added a ton of seasoning and sauce but the taste and texture was so weird. One time I separated meat pieces from vomit washed them and gave them to a cat that was around. The cat wouldn't touch it and it was a hungry street cat. Me, a bulimic, would eat purged up meat but a hungry cat wouldnt. That says a lot about bulimia.

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Wow. Its unfortunate that you have to suffer so much.

Its comforting to know that you can relate to me. At least we know we have eachother among this mess. <3

What about digging through the trash for binge food that was thrown out, especially is some of the food may or may not have been out of the packaging?

And where exactly do you think i found the spoiled mac and cheese to begin with? 😅
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#9203 Doll_Bones



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Posted Yesterday, 04:38 PM

Purging after you've taken your meds.

Well hello sleepless night...

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#9204 zin



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Posted Yesterday, 05:43 PM

when the pills come back up.

they taste fucking nasty as fuck

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