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Guide to simple tricks for better results

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Posted 23 February 2019 - 10:01 AM

So far I just have a few simple tips that I've picked up myself (disclaimer: likely argued against by many or even most, but I don't care):


1. Measure your height both morning and night and get enough sleep to recover it - in general your height will fluctuate during the day based upon how long you rest/sleep lying down and how much you tear down your bodies and muscles throughout the day through exercise and work. So what you need to do is use something you can press a side flat against the wall that sticks out over your head such as a kleenex box which will not tilt downwards when you measure with it and make a mark at your morning height and your before bed height which should also be your after workout/exertion height.  So you can align the kleenex box at the morning mark in the morning (preferably marked with its measured height next to it) to see if you have slept/lied down long enough to restore your height back to full.  Likewise you can do the same with your before bed height to make sure your activity/exercise load during the day was enough to tear down your height to your normal activity/workout height.


2. The body recovers faster the better shape it is in.  I exercise daily for hours at a time and my body recovers very quickly from sore muscles resulting from heavy exercise loads as a result.  The traditional logic is that you should break down muscle areas quite a lot and then give them days of rest to rebuild and recover while constantly upping weight load to up strength and muscle mass while eating enough to put on such mass.  The thing is though the body will get pretty used to whatever routine you toss at it, which is really needed when allowing people to work in their professions day in and day out.  But it also means if you do a lot of cardio the body will get used to doing the cardio and what used to be difficult exercise shall become little to nothing more than a relaxing stretching routine that does not inhibit the body in terms of strength training recovery, while actually making the recovery time much shorter as it loosens up the muscles while keeping the body in as good of shape as obtainable.  Ideally you want your muscles to recover by morning and be fully recovered by the time you exercise again.  The better your conditioning the faster your recovery.  Therefore having a basic exercise routine you enjoy doing that your body can get used to ought to keep up your endurance and make daily recovery quicker, less painful, and easier to handle.


3. A basic exercise routine you condition your body to is beneficial, but ought to condition the bulk of your muscles as opposed to just a few of the same muscles all the time, such as always jogging or running and doing nothing else (good for endurance but lacking in breadth of muscles being worked in various ways). As such, if you are going to do a basic routine try and have various exercises in it that hits the majority of your muscles.


4. Add and switch exercises to the start of or end of your exercise routine to make sure your body is always having to handle different motions, intensities, and weight loads.  A good way to do that is simply trying different exercise videos on a daily basis along with your normal routine.  Again, the body will get used to your normal routine after awhile but your basic routine ought to give you a strong central core that has a set level of endurance along with it.  So to really start seeing differences and improvements you don't need to give up your basic routine, you simply need to toss new things at your body on a regular basis in addition to your set routine.  As such, having a small library of exercise videos to pick and choose from and rotate between is a good idea.  That way you can do a regular routine and simply choose one or two or so different videos when you exercise to go along with it, and though they can make you really sore the next day if they work muscles in a way you aren't used to or to an extent you aren't used to at least you ought to recover quickly enough from that pain and be less susceptible to experiencing it as time goes on.


5. Some strength training is beneficial.  Strength training tears down the muscles as well as condenses them, and if you want to bulk up you can increase the amount you eat to just where you slowly gain weight (putting on a pound and a half of muscle in a week's time is really pushing the max you can naturally achieve, putting on more than a pound and a half of weight is easier to achieve).  Strength training helps to lower waist measurements or at least keep it down while bulking.  Keeping that in mind it is beneficial to measure your waist and perhaps your abs and belly button level.  The waist measurement is taken between your ribs and your belly button at the narrowest location.  The belly button level measurement is taken around the belly button by going over it, the abs measurement the way I like to take it is taken around the widest circumference between the belly button and the hips.  Any one measurement alone monitored all the time works well enough.  The point to doing this is that it is a good way to keep your body fat percent from going the wrong way.  The more you weigh the larger your circumference middle measurements will be, which highly noticeable when you fast for days on end while never eating two days in a row like I do.  But your mid-section measurements can give you an indication if you should stop trying to bulk up as fast cause weight is going on you wrongly.  It is possible to increase your weight while keeping down your mid section measurements if you slowly put on weight as your mid section measurements begin to fall by eating up to the measurements you have been keeping them at or want to up them to.


6. Stretching takes stress out of the body that otherwise would incorrectly show up as muscle weight and lower body fat percent.  When measuring body fat percent the greater your weight and smaller your body measurements are the more muscle weight you are deemed to have and the lower your body fat percent is estimated to be.  Unfortunately food in your belly, hydration percent, and stress in your body can really distort the body fat percent estimates, which is why you ought to take such measurements at about the same weight and preferably at a more empty food level.  Though muscle mass is dense, pressure placed on the body can compress fat without actually ridding it like using the same sponge when its full of water and when its dried out as the sponge is still the same sponge it was before.  Stretching therefore wrings out stress and stops masking fat as denser material that masks muscle.  Due to increased circulation the body doesn't need to keep holding onto the fat and measurements can therefore go down when adding in a bit of stretching.


7. Reducing the mid-section measurements through stretching and breathing.  This is something i wish I had known earlier, that to get a slimmer waist I really needed to do some exercises that took tension out of my mid-section.  Some stretches/exercises tend to help with that, but what seems to be working the best for me is breath exercises.  Namely lying on the floor face side up with feet together and as far out as possible and simply breathing down as far as possible and up as far as possible while holding breath in both extreme directions for a count of 20 or 30 with a slow and nice transition between reaching the two extremes.  I do two sets then slowly widen out my legs a bit at a time doing two sets each until my legs are wide, then I return to the middle and bend up my knees and do another set where I slowly spread my knees apart until they are wide but still comfortable.  I also occasionally put my hands over my belly and press into the belly and either hold or massage out a bit of any tension I feel while doing the sets.  This appears to really be dropping my mid-section measurements, especially around my waist where before they simply would never go so low.  As such, it seems to really help in dropping out fat.


These are my personal observations and may not congruent with your beliefs or others or even the bulk of others.  Despite never allowing my weight to increase and fasting pretty much constantly my muscle size remains up, my strength and entrance have both markedly increased, and circumference measurements have improved.  Increasing weight while not allowing certain circumference measurements to drop would likely add further strength, its just hard for me to do since more weight on me freaks me out, but would be a good strategy to go by.


The following video is very good in terms of building up the body over time from being out of shape to being in fantastic shape, though it maybe a bit different than what I wrote and or notice and believe: 


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Posted 23 February 2019 - 10:23 AM


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Posted 24 February 2019 - 11:21 PM

Um.. my height only fluctuates due to back problems. Think you typoed friend. otherwise great post 

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