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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:26 PM

If you binge on something that's zero points does it count as a binge? I'm eating plain air popped popcorn plain. I use the old points plan. It's zero points for a huge bowl. I may add some spray butter and maybe some seasonings. Buying kernels is nice because it's so cheap and it have all that added stuff in microwave popcorn. Although I do like microwave popcorn too.

I accidentally ate most of my points for the day. I ended up needed to do a lot of things and I had to get a ride from a friend at one point. She knew I hadn't eaten all day so she stopped at a restaurant when we had to wait a while for something. I didn't want to make a big deal about calories in front of my friend so I thought I'd eat some fries and would look up the nutrition facts later. I ordered an order of fries. One order of fries was HUGE. And we were going to split it. She barely ate any because she was focused on talking and on her drink. We were there a lot longer than i thought she would be because she wanted to finish her drink before we left. I thought I'd be fine with the fries even if I ate more than I first planned. I kept eating the smallest fries. I kept staring at her drink. I really liked that we were hanging out for the first time in a long time but i hated that the fries were sitting in front of me. I figured the points would be high but it was twice what I thought it would be. I took a bunch home too. I feel stupid for eating many points in one sitting.

How are you all today?

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 09:10 AM

Sorry for the slow response!

I’m not certain how to count that.

I do know that the logic behind the 0 point foods on the freestyle program is to only have foods that are
1. Nutritious
2. Hard to binge on (the website actually said that- I had to laugh bc obviously they don’t know me)

So popcorn of all kinds now have some points because it is a lot easier to binge on popcorn than plain ff yoghurt or even plain ff refried beans.

I can completely relate to the surprise point values. This has been the main challenge for me. I have a set eating routine and so it is hard when I track those foods for the first and suddenly most of my dailies are gone and it’s only midday!
I want to get one f-ing day within my “healthy eating zone” or whatever they call it (aka the blue dot days). But I don’t see how that will happen given the way I am eating at the minute...


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