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Self conscious after having a baby

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#1 Salty Sacrifries

Salty Sacrifries


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Posted 13 December 2019 - 11:22 AM

So I had my baby back in October 2018. I gained a l o t of weight during my pregnancy, 97 lbs. I lost 55 of it in the first 3 weeks after having her, since a lot was edema from preeclampsia. I quickly gained back 10 and maintained that for a little while, but got back to my pre pregnancy weight back in June. I’ve maintained between the same 10 lbs since then, but now that I’m back at this weight I’m starting to see all the ways my body changed after having my baby. My stomach is saggy and has a lot of excess skin, my inner thighs have excess skin, and my breasts are saggy and pancakey. I’m feeling real self conscious about it, seeing what having a baby did to my body. To make it worse, my long distance boyfriend will be here in 2 1/2 weeks and it’ll be the first time we meet in person. I’m feeling so gross and misshapen and saggy and flabby and I hate it. How can I get past this? And is there anything besides surgery I can do to improve my appearance? With this much excess skin just building muscle won’t do much to help, I don’t think. And I already have a lot of muscle, too. I just hate my body so much and I can’t get past it


»height 5'8''

»cw 239.8 - bmi 36.5

»hw 330 - bmi 50.2

»sw 320 @ 5'9'' - bmi 47.3

»lw 204.6 - bmi 31.1

»gw 236 - bmi 35.9

»ugw 103 (bmi 15.7) or 98 (bmi 14.9) (undecided ; 59 bmi 9.0 sounds good tho)

#2 dahmerjeffrey



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Posted 15 December 2019 - 11:22 PM

hey i know exactly how you feel. i think it just takes time for your skin to firm back up. i used bio oil and went to the gym a lot but yeah it really just took time for my skin to get better although it’s still pretty bad. i gained 100 pounds and lost it with my pregnancy too. i’ve had a lot of insecurity with showing my body too. i’m in a long term relationship but the thing that was the best for me was just being straight up about it instead of trying to hide my body. i do feel more comfortable than ever bc my partner makes me feel sexy and loved and honestly worshipped. everyone has little flaws and we don’t dwell on the flaws when we’re in love with someone. so it’s the same thing with your bf i’m sure- he won’t be focusing on your loose skin and he’ll still think you’re sexy. just give it time and let yourself be worshipped. don’t try to hide the less perfect parts of you when you’re sending nudes and stuff like that. hopefully some of this helped, it works for me at least. just give ur body time and let your bf love every part of you :)

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