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Pass/Fail (personal accountability)

keto low carb trigger warning

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 10:34 AM

Height: 5' 8"

Current weight: 225 lbs. 


Basically, I have two meals planned out per day. I'll list them here, but for subsequent updates I will only log my current weight and whether or not the day prior was a "pass/fail." (Day prior being because I prefer to weigh myself in the mornings)


Pass= "I ate these two meals and no other foods" (or) "I ate one of these meals" (or) "I ate Meal #1 twice"


Fail= "I ate other foods" (or) "I ate Meal #2 twice" 


So it'll be like:

"225 lbs.

Yesterday was a FAIL."


Obviously my disordered ass is fucked up so please bear in mind this is O B V I O U S L Y not a healthy meal plan (although tbh it's kinda tasty lol) 


Yes, I round my bad numbers up and my good numbers down because I'm terrified of hidden calories and carbs. Sue me. 


Meal #1 (Savory): 


4 eggs

2 tbsp butter

Pink Himalayan salt

Ground black pepper

1 packet Hellman's mayo

Frank's Red Hot Chili Lime Sauce


with a Diet Coke :rolleyes:


Total calories: 691 (round to 700) 

Protein: 33.6g (round to 33)

Net carbs: 5.2g (round to 6)

Fat: 58.6g (round to 58)


Put butter in small skillet and melt. 

Crack eggs into bowl, whisk, and add salt/pepper.

When butter is melted, add eggs to pan and cook.

Scramble when you realize you can't flip the omlette properly in this size pan. 


Put everything into a cute bowl, add mayo packet and stir.

Add hot sauce and stir.

Crack open Diet Coke and enjoy. 



Meal #2 (Sweet Tooth):


1/4 cup oatmeal (the uncooked oats)

1/4 cup frozen berries (mine has berries and banana slices)

Pink Himalayan sea salt

1/4 cup water

4 pieces of dark chocolate mini baking morsels

1/4 tsp of apple pie seasoning 


Total calories: 121 (round to 130 for calculations)

Protein: 2.5g (round to 2)

Net carbs: 17.6g (round to 18)

Fat: 2.9g (round to 2)


Take 1/4 cup of water and put into your tiny skillet (or tiny cooking pot)

Add your frozen berries

Wait until water is boiling and/or a lot of steam is actively coming off the water

Add uncooked oat flakes

Stir a bit

Add your sea salt and your 1/4 tsp of apple pie seasoning.

Stir it all up (use your spatula to kind of further mush the fruit pieces into the oatmeal to spread out flavor)

When most of the water has dissolved and/or oatmeal has your preferred texture, transfer to cute bowl.

Add in your 4 pieces of dark chocolate baking morsels and allow them to partially melt. 

Stir oatmeal again to blend chocolate texture throughout. 




(Over)estimated totals for me based on the specific products I bought:


830 total calories

35 g of protein

24 g of carbs 

60 g of fat




Yeah, unhealthy. 




I literally ended up with this combination as an attempt to hit all the markers for:

-extremely limited budget (except for diet coke, every item can be purchased at my local dollar store for $1/item)

-personal need for some taste variety (i.e. can't do a mono)

-need for both a savory and sweet option

-need for minimalist prep and cooking requirements (plus long shelf life and ability to buy in "bulk")

-need for low carb/keto(ish) just because I'm carb-shy right now



*in order to deal with nutrition-related anxiety, I also try to drink a lot of electrolyte water and take vitamins to fill in the gaps





I will start logging weight on Sunday as I'm hoping to maintain this meal plan for the next 3 days and maybe hop into ketosis?





Wish me luck y'all


Toodles!  :wub:







If I fall apart artistically, does that redeem it and make it beautiful?



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