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Probably wrong thread because I honestly never know where to posts these types of topic-questions. But...

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#1 Indigo Baby

Indigo Baby


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Posted 28 April 2020 - 09:24 AM

So Ramadan started, and so far I've lost 2 kg in 5 days, which I'm proud of because I usually gain weight during Ramadan.

I hate my body and my weight and I would do anything to lose weight, but I don't do Ramadan as a diet, I really do it religiously. But I also started to listen to my body since a few weeks ago. I don't eat for fun anymore, and I only eat when I'm hungry until I feel full. I also eat little during iftaar, but when I feel hungry again, I eat some fruit until I feel full again. Fresh dates are my favourite.

Now to the main topic.. question thingy.

I can't fast this week, because I got my period. And I decided to go on a 2 day chocolate mono. I wanted to go for a 3 day chocolate mono, but I am visiting my cousin on Thursday, and she and her mother can't fast because of chronical health problems.

Anyway, today I ate just a little piece of chocolate (Tony's Chocolonely, the blue one. My cousin and I are both vegan), and I felt so full for hours. I really had just a small piece. Is this normal? Will it have effect on my weight loss journey? Is it something good or bad? I don't even like chocolate, could it be because of that? I'm only doing it because I've read a lot of positive outcomes on MPA.

I am aware that not everyone's body is the same, and I don't know if it will work for me. But I still want to try it anyway.

#2 lavender-coffee


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Posted 28 April 2020 - 09:35 AM

In my opinion, Monos are quite frankly just not working or worth it, especially stuff like chocolate that is so calorie dense with no nutrients. I personally have never seen really positive outcomes or a lot of people doing it nowadays. Just a great way to get bored of a food and crave another even more. I think 2 days should be okay though. Be aware though that since chocolate is so calorie dense, you'll lose a lot of food weight that'll come back when you eat other foods again, but that's not fat.


It's good that it made you feel full, but I think you're more likely feeling like that because of your period and bloating, but I don't know if this is normal for you?

Of course it'll have an impact on your weightloss journey if all you ate in a day was a small piece of chocolate, I don't see why not.

Best of luck :)


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