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Combining Hydroxycut and 5-HTP?

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#1 DearFutureMe



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Posted 29 April 2020 - 12:48 AM

So I’ve been researching diet pills a lot after using a few ineffective ones in the past. I’ve been hearing so much about Hydroxycut and since it was easily available to me, I went ahead and picked it up. I’ve been super low energy and been struggling to avoid binges lately, and I’m hoping that this will help me with that. But I’ve also been super curious about 5-HTP because I’ve heard that it’s an effective appetite killer and is easy on the body. I thought about just doing 5-HTP but I could really use a strong kick to help me get out of my rut. So, I was wondering if its possible for me to combine the two, or if I should switch like every other week or something? Any advice is appreciated.

#2 coldtothebone



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Posted 07 May 2020 - 12:46 PM

I use the hydroxycut drink packets and they suppress my appetite and give me energy. The one issue is that when I use them my blood work for my liver comes out a little abnormal but when I take a break from them my liver will go back to normal. 

#3 michellem



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Posted 07 May 2020 - 10:42 PM

I dunno about 5-htp but I’ve used hydroxycut black and hydroxycut hardcore. Both helped me lose about the same amount, but I think it was a lot of water weight from it being a diuretic with the caffeine. It helped me run further because I had a lot more energy on it.
To be honest I found appetite suppressants like Sudafed with coffee worked better as I actually ate less easier. :)
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#4 havenlythinone


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Posted 08 May 2020 - 08:03 AM

I have used both. However, Not at the same time. While hydroxycut killed my appetite my heart beat would race when I took it. I realize it is a stimulant but it made me too jittery as well. Now 5 htp I have taken on and off over the years for mood. I truly always go back to this supplement because it really puts my mood in check which helps me not to binge eat. I use the Natrol brand and have tried a few but this one has showed me the best results. The downside to taking 5 htp, your dreams become very vivid(sometimes scary) and your sex drive will almost completely diminish. You will also sleep a lot. Sometimes I was okay with this and other times that was a deal breaker for me. The positives are that my mental being was calm. My appetite would diminish if I took it correctly (30 minutes-before meals)

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