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How long should I let my thigh heal? (I think I pulled a muscle)

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#1 DontTakeMeForPomegranted


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Posted 18 May 2020 - 07:16 PM

I don't know what it is, but every time I have found my rhythm with exercise, I get injured somehow


I've been jogging/running on the treadmill in my house since January, even before quarantine, but when quarantine started I upped my weekly exercise


I went from 3 days a week to 5/6 days a week of 45-minute cardio to an hour, and I was feeling fine!


And then yesterday I was stretching after I did 7 km (4.34 miles), and I felt a muscle pull in my thigh


I took a shower and rested my leg for the afternoon, and put ice on it and everything

It felt a little better when I woke up today, but if yesterday I was at 80% pain, today it's still 30/40%


I get really antsy when I am not allowed to exercise, so I was thinking of going back on the treadmill tomorrow,

but now that I think of it, I don't want my thigh to get worse and prevent me from exercising even longer


How long should I apply ice/try not to do cardio?


(Also, can I walk on the treadmill even if I am like this? Or is even that not allowed?)

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.trying to recover.

uhhh not anymore

I'm not sure honestly

#2 lilly11


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Posted 07 June 2020 - 10:33 PM

Try a week, stretch gently, when you start feeling pain, stop going further and maintain for 30 seconds. 


Sometimes pulled muscles can take more than a month to recover. So be patient.


I had a really bad pulled muscle because of my coach and it took a long time to heal. Not to discourage you! And keep with the ice everyday! 

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