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how in touch are you with your feminine side?

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#21 ShitagiNashi



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Posted 22 September 2020 - 12:50 PM

I’m getting more in touch, which makes me kinda happy tbh because I was scared of it for so long. however it’s wayyy easier to do at a lw (being more andro etc) because I have a huge fear of being a chubby femme guy, idk why it’s just like my worst nightmare. prob the internalized homophobia and ED lol

#22 Banditboii



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Posted 12 February 2021 - 12:47 AM

As a short ass dude, 5'5, I kinda need to be. Atleast a bit. Macho shorties are a bit of a meme. Like dwarfs or something. However I'm also bald and can grow a mean beard. So I may as well play the cards dealt to me. Still, I'm really in to skincare and pay close attention to how I dress and I still struggle to wear anything but ladies skinny jeans. I have finally bought a pair of sorta baggy dude jeans that I wear every week, but I feel weirdly comfy in dem skinnies. I ain't drag though. Everything else I wear is basically peaky blinders plus occasional goth boots

#23 Weakguy



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Posted 23 February 2021 - 04:10 AM

Do you mean to say, there's a side other than the feminine side? :P


I absolutely love the feminine things. Lately I've been giving myself manicures and painting my nails. Also loving how beautiful my legs look in skirts and dresses, and feminine shorts. And having thin little arms, it makes dresses feel sooooo... luscious!


The best thing is I live in a small town where feminine guys are kind of unusual, and it turns a few heads when people see my waxed legs in shorts and tennis shoes. When it's winter and it's quite cold my legs stand out a mile, and it's quite a thrill just to see people's reactions.

Height 6'1 - CW: 165lbs (bmi 22) LW: 120lbs (bmi 16) HW: 195lbs (bmi 26) - Target weight - 140lbs (bmi 19)

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