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A Story in Parts (original fiction series)

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Posted 17 June 2020 - 05:02 PM

I have no title for this. I started writing it and wanted to share, and this is the only place I think I'm okay sharing this work right now. Constructive criticism welcome. More parts will be posted as I write.

A long strand of brown hair fell into Ashley's eye, obscuring her vision. She shoved it aside, only to have it fall back to exactly the same spot. That was what broke her concentration.

"What?" Ashley raised her head, taking a moment to tuck the hair behind an ear. This time, it stayed. Something on the room had changed. The shoe of the air conditioner was what had moved the hair and startled her. Making a disgusted huff, she lowered her head back to the book she was reading.

"So, this is where you've been hiding." The smooth tenor belonged to a classmate, and it sent shivers down her spine. When she first met Devon, those shivers when he spoke were pleasant, and so was he. Over time, her secret was leaked to other students, or perhaps they figured it out on their own, and his demeanor turned unpleasant.

His initial warmth and attentions flattered her, and she responded to his offhanded compliments like a flower turning towards the sun. Then they changed. She started feeling undeserving, like he was complimenting her only for his own purposes, and she would never live up to his standards.

"Stop pretending you're reading and look at me," Devon commanded. Ashley's head lifted bit by bit, until she was looking at him. He was smiling, which wasn't a good sign for her. His face still made her heart skip a beat, and she blushed. "I like that outfit," he commented carelessly. "It looks almost pretty on you." Devon paused for a moment. "Julia would be prettier, but the skirt suits her legs, don't you think?"

Ashley froze. Was she supposed to compliment Julia's legs? Would that mean she was being targeted as gay, or that she was really a guy and should appreciate a girl's legs? Glancing down at her skirt, she felt her breath come with a struggle. Her thighs touched where she sat, and spread a bit when she sat down. Like that, they definitely looked fatter than Julia's thighs. Julia was perfect, as far as Ashley was concerned. Everything she wanted to look like, to be.

"I--I think she would be pretty in this outfit," she agreed, hesitating. "She has very good taste in clothing." There! Make it about the clothes! Not that she ever managed to be as fashionable as the pretty, popular girls.

"If you were just a bit different," Devon mused, "I could see you as pretty in that skirt, too." He gave her an oily grin and left the classroom where she'd hidden to skip lunch.
Ashley's heart sank. Her efforts were in vain. She either didn't pass, or she was just unattractive. What did he mean, though? What could she change?

A memory flickered of a stunningly beautiful woman model--who wasn't born in a female body. Maybe that's what she needed. To be like that. Tall, thin, fashionable. A smile crept up on her face as she realized she could do that. She was already skipping lunch for extra study. Having moved to this town partway through the school year, she was behind in some of her classes. She had taken the move as a blessing, now that she lived in a town where no one had seen her before. Ashley thought she had passed--but somehow her secret had gotten out. All she had to do was skip breakfast, too. Get up late for school, too late to eat. That would help! Then she could claim she had a big lunch, and eat a small dinner.

Ashley looked at her thighs again. It wouldn't be long. It wouldn't hurt anything to be more careful about what she ate. Her smile widened and she felt cheerful for the first time in a month. She could do this! Fishing out her phone, she searched for a picture of the model she was thinking of. It became her background image. Her private inspiration.

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