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bleeding after sex

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Posted 26 June 2020 - 06:01 PM

this is just mostly to rant as i'm anxiously awaiting results from a pap smear, so not necessarily asking for advice (but if you have experience, i'd like to hear it)


for the past six months i've been experiencing light bleeding after sex (really light bleeding, doesn't get on my underwear, but goes on to toilet paper when i wipe after my post-sex pee). i've also been having a lot of pain upon penetration. went to my gyno/GP for the pap smear (i'm long overdue after an abnormal one almost 3 years ago) and she said that yeah my cervix and vagina were inflamed and she gave me a prescription for this medicine that you put in your vagina before going to sleep and that's supposed to treat vaginal infections. a week later, there was less pain on penetration, so i figured everything was good. 




when i wiped there was blood again. so i'm like kind of low key freaking out. i know that bleeding after sex is only rarely caused by cervical cancer and that i'm young and blah blah blah but also i've had HPV and it was one that doesn't have symptoms and i'm just scared that it was a cancerous one, i never got the vaccines against the common cancer-causing strains. 


so now i'm waiting for my results, wondering if the test even arrived (where i live, you are given the pap smear sample and you have to mail it off/deliver it yourself, so i mailed it off last week). i'm just stressing out and i looked up again what can cause bleeding after sex and even though the articles were meant to be reassuring, i started crying. i've spent a lot of time wishing for serious medical conditions in the past because of my BPD and victim complex and need to suffer/for attention, but now that it's a (small, slight) possibility, i'm actually really scared about this. i don't have many other symptoms, mostly because i have an implant birth control and don't have a period from that (rip my potential for ana girl credit if i ever get to a restriction point where my period would naturally stop), so it's hard to tell if the spotting i've had is normal from the implant or abnormal. 


i'm looking at early warning signs of cervical cancer and it's all related to bleeding or pelvic and back pain and like yes i still have my horrible lower back pain even after my periods stopped, but i've always had this pain since my very first period, so i don't think that's necessarily cause for alarm. plus the signs in these articles are mostly related to mid/late stage cancers because cervical cancer is so silent until it's serious. one symptom they talk about is unusual discharge and since i got the implant i have had increased, thicker and stronger smelling (tmi) discharge, but i don't know if that's from the implant or not. i wasn't taking any birth control in the months leading up to the implant so idk if the hormones in the implant can maybe exacerbate cervical cancer in some way? 


idk but i'm just freaking out and need to rant because my boyfriend couldn't care less/be less interested and i have no one to actually talk to about my fears 

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