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Hydroxycut and Safety

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#1 Contrived


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Posted 20 July 2020 - 01:01 PM

I just bought hydroxycut after hearing a lot of good things about it. Is there anything I should keep in mind while taking these? Should I lower my activity levels? How much caffeine should I have with it? Any advice or help would be much appreciated, if theres a more useful or safer alternative, let me know!


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#2 hunnydewlemon



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Posted 20 July 2020 - 01:07 PM

One of hydroxycut's main ingredients is caffeine, so it would be best to outright avoid tea and coffee (unless it's decaf) especially if you have heart problems. You may want to start small with half of the recommended dose (I think it would be one cap a day) to see how you feel, then go from there. Hope everything works out

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#3 WillodIron125



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Posted 20 July 2020 - 08:42 PM

I love Hudroxy Black Label. Makes me jittery but I drink diet tea.
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#4 𝙳𝚎𝚊𝚣𝚒



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Posted 21 July 2020 - 06:29 AM

I was actually asking myself the same question.



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#5 dewey



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Posted 30 July 2020 - 10:35 PM

just start with a small dose and monitor how you feel. I found hydroxycut to make me super jittery so I never took much

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#6 Lil Miss Strawb

Lil Miss Strawb


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Posted 31 July 2020 - 12:26 PM

Never heard of this before have I been under a rock xd








#7 Hermione_Starbucks00


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Posted 06 August 2020 - 01:55 PM

I drank 3-4 cups regularly and had hydroxycut for a month. Made me nauseous and dizzy.
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#8 silver0raven



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Posted 17 September 2020 - 03:19 PM

I take hydroxycut lean (two caps, instead of four daily as label says) and I've heard hydroxycut can wreck your kidneys and liver if taken a lot so that's a potiental risk besides caffeine stuff
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#9 snork


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Posted 12 October 2020 - 09:51 AM

I take regular hydroxy 2 capsules 2x a day (or 4 1x a day but that's a REALLY bad plan ngl. I'm probably gonna explode my insides doing that)
I never noticed any particular jitteriness and didnt rlly track my water intake, but I will say if you arent careful you can get obsessive about your diet pills like I have :// try to treat them less like a god and more like a supplement (maybe even take them with your vitamins?)
Caffeine SHOULD be limited, but if you're barely effected by it like me, you can get away with drinking 2 monsters in a day on top of your hydroxycut without feeling like shit (ofc its probably still wrecking my organs but )

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