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developing binge ed

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#1 zinniaalexus



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Posted 28 July 2020 - 04:18 AM

im sobbing on the floor right now and i need any help i can get. i binged about two weeks ago and now i cant stop binging.

my intake went from 0-100 cals to now around 1800-2000 cals daily. ive never been so depressed, ashamed, and fat. 

if this doesnt stop i dont see any hope for me. i dont know how i would live.

ive gained 10 fucking pounds. i dont feel like leaving my house because of how disgusted i am. 

if anyone has experienced something like this and found hope and has ANY TIPS, please share.


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#2 pocky


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Posted 28 July 2020 - 04:32 AM

I've been there too, definitely... so first of all i believe it's never good to restrict that low (0-100), this alone might be the reason for binging, and 1800-2000 calories is really not bad at all... could you try to eat closer to like 1200-1500 calories? Maybe the binging will go away
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#3 PrinnyWinnie


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Posted 28 July 2020 - 04:36 AM

Hi hun. I totally get it. I was losing steadily and got to my lowest weight, I was THRILLED! Then, for some reason, I just started bingeing every freaking day. I just restricted yesterday for the first time in over two weeks. This has never happened to me before and I was devastated! All of my hard work, gone. Just like that.

0-100 calories is NOT sustainable and your body will binge to survive. It’s a survival instinct. I was losing over a pound a week on 800-1100 calories daily with a modest amount of exercise. (My binge episode was because of a different strain of pot giving me the fuck it’s) There are so many reasons why people do high restriction. Harm reduction, (your health will start to decline quickly on 100 calories) binge control and an overall feeling of some satisfaction. I’d give it a try. It’s better to lose slower than lose all of your progress.

Try starting out at 2000 calories a day for a few days, then lower it a bit. Rinse and repeat until your at a SUSTAINABLE caloric intake. You don’t want this to happen again. And you don’t want to lose your hair, your teeth, or the strength of your heart by restricting so low.

I wish you the very best! Pm me if you need some support :)

#4 AnaVonPeach


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Posted 01 August 2020 - 04:22 PM

Honestly the only thing that can help you is to est more without restrictions. Trust me I've been there. The moment you're able to eat kinda guilt free is the moment you'll be able to start restricting again (but not severely. If you do that you'll start binging again. Low restriction is not sustainable)

- a coffee addict 

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