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High restricting form ?

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#1 π•Ÿπ• π•₯π•€π•œπ•šπ•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•ͺ𝕓𝕦π•₯π•Ÿπ• π•₯𝕗𝕒π•₯

π•Ÿπ• π•₯π•€π•œπ•šπ•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•ͺ𝕓𝕦π•₯π•Ÿπ• π•₯𝕗𝕒π•₯

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Posted 05 August 2020 - 07:15 PM

I feel like there’s not that much light high restriction & plus it prevents binges.

Hopefully we can get a form on it😊!
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#2 ddochidooly



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Posted 21 November 2020 - 08:40 PM

i would like this as well

#3 π“ˆπ“ƒπ‘œπ“Œπ’»π“π’Άπ“€π‘’


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Posted 19 January 2021 - 07:44 PM

that's a great idea!!

#4 regretthedarkflower



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Posted 21 January 2021 - 01:33 AM

I'd like it, too!

#5 mn23



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Posted 23 January 2021 - 10:49 AM

I love this idea

#6 ANAtomist



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Posted 27 January 2021 - 12:12 PM

I do high restriction (around 1000 not sure if it’s high, I hope there’s a forum like this too)

[Updated: June, 2021] 168cm | 37kg | BMI = 13.1

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#7 sidewalk



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Posted 30 January 2021 - 07:41 PM

No bc there is discord on what "high" restriction is. There are multiple threads discussing and opinions on what it is.


#8 Edinamonsoon



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Posted 31 January 2021 - 07:35 AM

Yes sidewalk I agree with that I’ve not been here long posting even less but if there was a dedicated place to discuss it or even disagree on how individuals do it then it will all be in one place and not randomly sprayed over the rest of the boards.
It would be easier to find people doing similar even if they do it differently to you.

#9 キラキラ



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Posted 18 February 2021 - 05:10 AM

yes please!!






#10 xl7



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Posted 20 February 2021 - 08:22 PM

I think the majority of us on here have switched to high restriction so I dont see the point for this 

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