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I've had rumination syndrome since I was 8

Rumination Bulimia

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Posted 26 August 2020 - 01:07 AM

This seems like a dead part of the forum, but I'm going to post anyway. As the title states, I've had rumination syndrome since I was 8 or younger. I've always had an unhealthy relationship with food. When I was 8, my family started to talk more about how I was obese. So for the summer I was brought to my sister's house, she and her fiance made me exercise excessively + eat very cleanly. Like I was only eating quinoa, rice, tilapia, and eggs (maybe some chinese sausage, in Vietnamese I knew it as lạp xưởng). Every day I had to do 100 sit-ups, push-ups, leg-lifts, and 10 miles on the wii fit. I would cry of pain because they did not ease me into this. I first memory I can remember was after eating some lạp xưởng and rice, the food came up from my stomach with ease. I chewed it, and I was thinking, "Oh my God, I can eat for longer now!" I did it all the time after every meal. It felt so nice to continue to "eat". This is not the same as chewing and spitting. Rumination syndrome from what I know is regurgitating recently eating food before it becomes like bile, so it tastes just like the food you finished eating. If they treated me with something such as pizza or a burger it could last me twice as long because it would come back up and I could chew it. I never told anyone about this, and no one ever noticed. In school I don't think anyone noticed me randomly chewing after lunch, they might've thought I had a secret snack/gum/maybe was chewing my tongue. I chew, regurgitate, and chew until the food has almost no texture. For all of my life I've been consistently overweight. I didn't join any sport clubs in high school and I was on my PC 24/7 from age 10 to 18. The thought of being bulimic has crossed my mind many times. I was so addicted to ruminating. I was close to normal weight, just a little thick, while I was working somewhere that I was constantly moving. I looked mostly fit for someone that ate fried chicken everyday. I worked almost everyday and had access to UNLIMITED CHICKEN WINGS/TENDERS/BONELESS and soda. After I changed jobs, I quickly started gaining more weight because I wasn't moving around as much. I hadn't been obese since I was a kid, only overweight. In the past year, I've become obese. I'm 5'2 (157.48cm) and my highest weight was 206lbs (14.71 stone, 93.44 kg) and my depression starting getting the best of me the past few months. I binge ate a lot. Eventually I broke down and started to just regurgitate and spit it out for once. I've lost around 18lbs so far. Instead of being addicted to chewing what I ruminate, now I can't keep any food in my body without feeling immense guilt. I weigh myself every day. I can throw up on command with no issues, and almost never need water to do it. I can get pretty much everything out. My teeth look white because I brush very very often, and I think also my body is so used to doing this that it doesn't affect me as badly if I were to do this out of no where.

TDLR; Rumination syndrome = regurgitate food with ease (intentionally or not, it can happen if I burp or just automatically after eating), chew it, and then swallow it. Then repeat until food is complete mush in stomach (not continuing when it's stomach acid). Did this for around 11 years, but I've become bulimic due to depression worsening.


Thanks for bothering to read.


Also, if anyone has any questions for me I'm willing to answer them. Whether it's about food or health problems I've had.


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