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How did you feel at your LW physically, and what was BMI?

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#61 Hazelw



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Posted 21 September 2020 - 08:22 AM

^^ I hear your about not expecting the loss of bladder control! If I have a few esp wobbly days and low restrict at the moment, I feel especially weak, and I can definitely feel it around the bladder muscles. Need to pee constantly when this happens. I think for me, this can be (at the moment, at least) one of those ‘wake up call’ moments where I realise I’ve gone further than I realised and need to make a massive effort to get a little better... it’s so hard tho..




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Posted 21 September 2020 - 08:32 AM



i felt really weak physically but... floaty and superior mentally ig? but i was having heart problems and muscle spasms from electrolyte fuckery. i only passed out once. the worst was probably the brain fog and lethargy, i really didn't have much energy.

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#63 skelise


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Posted Yesterday, 03:48 AM

Was never that low—16.2. I felt amazing TBH. I felt the most comfortable in my body than I’d ever felt.

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#64 lila6


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Posted Yesterday, 09:34 AM

Had a BMI of 11 and could barely think or function. Was always so freaking cold and I was such an asshole to the people I love. Would not recommend. 


#65 sewerside



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Posted Yesterday, 09:36 AM

my lw was bmi 19.7. still saw myself as fat tho lol although i guess its better than being the bmi i'm @ rn. i felt better mentally though, my head was way clearer & i actually got things done. now i'm just miserable all the time

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#66 Riban


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Posted Today, 03:55 AM

I never got below the 17s so I didnt have it that bad, but I was constantly dizzy and in an awful mood. Still had the energy for working out though

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