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Starting the 2468 TODAY ~

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#1 Guest_shiro.x_*

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Posted 08 November 2020 - 08:46 PM



I'll start my 2468 diet on november 11: meaning today. Since I tend to binge very easily, my journey so far has been up and down. Everytime I tell myself 'you don't need to be thinner', I take a look in the mirror and instantly regret my thoughts and try to redo diets over and over again .This time, I decided to share my diet, so maybe that will keep me motivated.


Just so you know, because I will not write down what I drink : I only drink tea without sugar. Nothing else. I don't like the water in my city and I don't drink any coffee or sugary drinks (anymore).





CURRENT WEIGHT: for further updates


GOAL WEIGHT: 48KG - If I ever reach it, maybe I'll go further.


Since I have a sleeping disorder (been there for about four years) I tend to eat late, because I'm asleep over the day. Maybe that's why I binge late at night.

I don't smoke and I don't hurt myself. I tend to drink alcohol, but I'll keep it down while doing the diet. I won't post body pictures as long as I am not happy with it.


MY RESTRICTIONS: I'll do the original 200-400-600-800


I'll tell you about my meal/s today as soon as I had them.

I'm always up for talks either in the comments or in the DMs, don't be shy ( tho I might be) 


#2 Guest_shiro.x_*

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Posted 09 November 2020 - 01:51 PM

So, my first day is done {I'll post now since I don't plan to eat anymore today


INTAKE: 240/200 Calories


FOOD: Apple {normal - about 45kcal

Prepped Food {about 190kcal


EXERCISES: Some Yoga  ~ burned about 80kcal


Hope the second day goes well too. When I weighed myself in the morning I was back on 55KG

Now it was 55.3KG

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