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Tell me all about your special interests!

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#1 TeenyLittlebee


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Posted 10 November 2020 - 07:41 AM

Are you autistic or incredibly hyper focused and obsessed with something? Please tell me all about it! 

I am really into stardew valley, animal crossing, coffee and watermelon. 

I tell my boyfriend constantly about animal crossing and then the discord group for acnh is so supportive. I got raymond and was met with excitement, but my friends couldn;t be bothered to hear about it. I have a five star island and I also play new leaf and wild world. 

In acnh i have: fauna, eugene, cally, raymond, dom, cube, lolly, octavian, judy and lily 

in new leaf I have cally, pompom, ozzie, eloise, kid cat, marshal, diva, hippeux and curly

and in wild world I can't remember bc its been a while since I played, but I remember chevre, roald, chowchow and pippin i think. 

I have a ton of ac stickers and am wanting to collect the amibo cards when theyre back in stock.

So tell me everything! I want to know!

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#2 CrippledSong


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Posted 10 November 2020 - 12:36 PM

I don't know anything about animal crossing, but that sounds amazing! congratulations :)
My special interests are serial killers and animals (especially dogs & ferrets), people have been calling me Wikipedia for my habit of randomly telling facts to those around me lol.
I've tried to talk less about my special interests since people seem to have gone irritated over my inability to focus on other topics.

Did you know that the brains of elephants reacts the same way when they see us as we do when we see puppies? You could probably correctly assume that they find us cute!
And when ferrets are born they are small enough to lie in a tea spoon. They are called puppies and look pretty much exactly like miniature dog puppies the first few weeks.
Oh and most animals can be taught tricks! All they need is ears (or eyes) and a desire to either eat or play. One of my rabbits (Lilith) is currently learning how to spin around in circles.
Gold fish do have actually have a pretty good memory, the myth that they don't is believed to have originated in humans desire to keep them in small bowls with a good conscience. If you have a laser pen, you can even teach them tricks! I find that really cool tbh.

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#3 SuhhhhhDude


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Posted 15 November 2020 - 11:39 AM

my special interests are contemplating suicide and sacrificing children under the age of 7 to Satan :)

I want to die tbh

#4 rain.y


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Posted 16 November 2020 - 04:47 PM

i think my longest running one is night in the woods, i kinda have to hold off on talking about its not really anyone's cup of tea here. i try my best to look like a human version of the main character with my dark blue hair and muddy shirts i love her so much

ive been trying to get into stardew and animal crossing recently and its such a peaceful time though ive been collecting the cards for ac on resale websites like depop for my favorite characters though if u wanted any specific characters!!

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#5 impmon



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Posted 17 November 2020 - 12:18 AM

pokemon. skin care. replaying classic games or just nostalgic for me games. fucking cats.

i replay a few pokemon games a year, sometimes the same in succession after transferring what i catch to the current gen. my boyfriend's only peeve with me is i collect games and have a few hundred i have never even started because i just replay pokemon.

i dont have much to say about skin care other than i love protecting my skin and moisturizing and reading about skin care.

this is just an example of the nostalgic games bit but i've replayed ff9 and tales of the abyss an uncomfortable amount of times, no regrets

i have 8 fucking cats.

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#6 scarecrows


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Posted 23 November 2020 - 10:21 PM

cystic fibrosis? its so weird but like. not like i can choose. totally not into medical stuff but i hear cystic fibrosis and my brains like BRR HELL YEAH GO TIME


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#7 KuroNoShiroChan



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Posted 24 November 2020 - 01:50 AM

I hope you get to collect the amibo cards and other cards you want when they get back in stock



i  have an obsession with wanting a disability and im not sure why but maybe its because the pain right now is inside and physical pain is much easier to deal with than the mental or emotional ones? yes i know those with an actual physical disability wish they hadnt one etc. i understand that  but urgh its hard to explain.....


on a more positive note 


i LOVE anime, Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, cosplaying etc.




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