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Thanksgiving check-in - how is everyone

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#1 thinstrument



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Posted 22 November 2020 - 11:26 AM

hey pals


Because you are all dying to know....still haven't weighed.  I would love to weigh <110 again and I'm pretty sure I'm about 118 and stalled.  I think I was 125ish, give or take, when I quit weighing.  Been 1200cals or fewer since July with maybe 5 exception days? 


Full disclosure yesterday was 1220 calories but I did take a 4 mile hike. 


I have no idea and I'm tempted to weigh but....kind of want to hold off and see if anyone ever says anything.  Some days I'm like "how are people not noticing" and other days I'm all "welp you look exactly the same so what is the point"


Thanksgiving.  I was going to throw caution to the wind and make a brisket, sides, a cake....but I was trying to see what the hubs might like to eat and he was unwilling to share the mental load of planning (didn't want to talk about side dishes, buying the brisket, etc.) so at this point we have exactly zero plans for Turkey day. I decided if he doesn't want to help plan, it will be easier for me to control the day by just eating whatever we have vs planning something special.  And then of course I decided in my head that he's discouraging the special treats cooking because *I* clearly do not need it


Yesterday he tried to share a pizza with me (mentioned I could have half) and i panicked all day about it.  LOL


how y'all doing

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#2 Thaisa


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Posted 23 November 2020 - 05:19 PM

Wow. July is a long time to be in a calorie deficit like that. I bet you have lost more than you think. I admire your consistency! 


So a quick update: I did keto and got down to about 122 (from about 128) this spring/summer, then moved in with the bf and gained it all back plus some. I'm at around 132 currently. Most of the time I feel fine with that because I'm just very content with the bf and life is good. BUT I'm dreading next spring and bikini season at this weight. Eeeeek. 


I'm making two layer cakes for Turkey Day. The Christmas tree is up. I guess I'm fat and happy :) 

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Current weight: 123-126

Height: 5'6"

Ortho athlete


Goal: nutritious eating without purging + to get back to my lean weight of 115 lbs


#3 thinstrument



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Posted 27 November 2020 - 07:56 AM

Thanksgiving was a planned cheat today (I ate an entire medium and I woke up at 6AM incredibly thirsty.  So here I am, awake for no reason.  (I also had a heavy pour of red wine, and in the AM a vegan oat/quinoa/blueberry bake.  Overall a heavy day but certainly by no means SUPER bad excessive...haha who am i kidding, that probably cost me 5 lbs it'll take a month or two to lose.)


I have decided that the hubs would rather literally die than comment on my weight.  He's never going to say ANYTHING.  so that means 1) I'm not nearly thin enough and 2) I guess yay because I can do whatever I want now


Anyway.  Plot twist. The hubs and i watched "Game Changers" on Netflix and now he's decided he wants to try being vegan for 2 weeks until his next physical.  I am already gluten free so I am not joining him on this adventure....but it's been fun watching him learn how to read labels.  I told him that this is what one goes through being wheat-free (aiming for empathy here :lol:  )


So far he's decided he can't take some of his supplements because they have gelatin....but his bread without any obvious eggs or dairy is "close enough" :blink: :D

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#4 Sholla


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Posted 03 December 2020 - 04:56 AM

I didn't do anything for thanksgiving except start my cycle XD and lost weight. im a few pounds down now, with a consistent 7 days of half pound losses. not complaining!


I really hope to see some big losses before Christmas, though I doubt my family-in-laws will have any get together at all, seeing as how covid is ramping up here and its just unsafe. many of us have autoimmune issues so its best to not chance it, just in case.


but hopefully by the time spring/summer hits and the weather is warm again, maybe ill be surprising my family-in-laws with a new me. I plan to be smaller by spring than they have ever seen me. I think my lw that they've seen me was in the 150's, but that was years ago. I have been in the high 170's for so long, that I think they just know me as this size and I hope to really surprise them. 


I feel kinda like you, thinstrument, as far as staying motivated and consistent. it has paid off, so far so good! haven't had any urges to binge, which is surprising and great. very happy about it.


hope everyone else here is doing well on their journeys!

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