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What's Your Go-To Sad Song


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#1 un.limited


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Posted 16 December 2020 - 07:29 PM

you know, that one song you always think about when you want to let the day's frustrations out.

the one that gets you right there.

what song is it, and how does it make you feel?


mine has got to be Sparks by Coldplay or The Art Teacher by Rufus Wainwright.

these songs feel like that tear sweater from that one Spongebob episode 

tear sweather



#2 Starve_away_the_pain99


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Posted 16 December 2020 - 07:45 PM

Dancing with your Ghost by Sasha Sloan. It’s one of those songs, where you just lie on your back on your bed staring at the ceiling, zoning out and wondering where everything went wrong in your life. I usually would then listen to Train Wreck by James Arthur after that lol

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#3 shinjuku_kami


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Posted 16 December 2020 - 07:48 PM

teen idle by marina and the diamonds stays one of the saddest/most disassociating songs i've ever listened to

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#4 content.override



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Posted 16 December 2020 - 07:49 PM

i'm emo as hell so covet by basement 

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s u f f e r i n g 

#5 colderamor


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Posted 16 December 2020 - 09:02 PM

Goodbye by Cage the elephant or Bags by Clairo </3
To Build a Home is also a classic sad one lolol these all get me instantly sad
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#6 weirdeq


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Posted 16 December 2020 - 09:18 PM

sober - Demi Lovato 

I listen to it morning after ive used and I always cry 

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#7 Strawberryontop



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Posted 16 December 2020 - 11:59 PM


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#8 exce_ke



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Posted 18 December 2020 - 01:48 PM

the sound, by swans.
yeah swans are a bit dubious. but I've been listening to that long ass song as a weird comfort thing for a long, long time. something about the way you can get swept up in it.
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#9 _Deleted_-


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Posted 29 December 2020 - 06:47 PM

-The Palingenesis album by Nebelung when I need to keep going or get back up again. The whole album is like a progressive journey that makes me feel hopeful/more grounded once I get to the other side.


-Í Tokuni by Eivør when I am feeling isolated and under extreme stress. When you can't talk to your family about anything and you are realizing the magnitude of volunteering as an election officer in 2020 and just need to let it all out because the future is terrifying. 

-Alone in the Dark by Flaer Smin when I haven't spoken to anybody in days/weeks and want it to stay that way.

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#10 pon ♡

pon ♡

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Posted 29 December 2020 - 07:30 PM

(dream) by salvia palth. it's just an instrumental but it fucks with me so much 

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#11 pon ♡

pon ♡

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Posted 29 December 2020 - 07:30 PM

also digital bath by deftones

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Sʜᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴍᴇ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴀᴍᴇ ʀᴇᴀʟᴍ




#12 IntroxAna


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Posted 31 December 2020 - 02:53 AM

It depends a lot on what caused the sadness but my depression song has to be, Hurt, by Johnny Cash.

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#13 dummy thin

dummy thin


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Posted 01 January 2021 - 07:19 AM

butterflies instead - k's choice.
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#14 JenChuLiChae_4



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Posted 13 January 2021 - 12:35 AM

You Never Know -BLACKPINK 

Wanna go back -Park Bom 


Last Dance -BIGBANG

Ex -Stray Kids 

Goodbye -2NE1 

It Hurts -2NE1 

Missing You -2NE1 

Don’t Know What To Do -BLACKPINK 

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#15 monkemonke



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Posted 14 January 2021 - 10:12 AM

i have two albums that always get me.
fleet foxes - fleet foxes
bon iver - for emma

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#16 OpaliteEgg


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Posted 14 January 2021 - 04:07 PM

Rose Garden – Lynn Anderson               

Tomorrow – Avril Lavigne

Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

Pictures of you – The Cure

Both Sides Now (not sure who this is by)

The Crying Game – Boy George

Hate to see your heart break – Paramore

Puhu äänellä jonka kuulen  - Happoradio

Disenchanted - MCR

Bad Day (that song from Alvin and the Chipmunks)

Blame It On the Weatherman – B*witched

12 through 15 – Mayday Parade

I Can’t Seem to Make You Mine – The Clientele

Cry – Splendid

Remembering Sunday – All Time Low

The Fear – Pulp

Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles

San Francisco Bay - Smokie

Bright Eyes – Simon and Garfunkel

The Living Dead – Suede

Fade Into You – Mazzy Star

Asleep – The Smiths

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#17 hippo-hips



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Posted 15 January 2021 - 12:33 AM

-Still Loving You by the Scorpions 

-Pacific Coast Highway by Hole

-How Dirty Girls Get Clean by Hole

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#18 starvingartistx


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Posted 20 February 2021 - 07:45 PM

- Adam's Song by blink-182

- Pieces by Sum 41

- Hold on by Chord Overstreet

- Waiting for the End by Linkin Park

- Why am I still here by Happily Sad

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#19 Lostby93



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Posted 20 February 2021 - 09:46 PM

- class of 2013 by Mitski
- new halloween by Touché Amore
- motion sickness by Phoebe Bridgers
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#20 icantdothistoday


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Posted 01 March 2021 - 11:45 AM

im so tired - fugazi

how to disappear completely - radiohead

motion picture soundtrack - radiohead (demo / early piano version)

skin - grimes

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