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Post partum weight loss?

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#1 Winchesters-Angel


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Posted 09 January 2021 - 08:43 PM

Is there ANY hope???

I was 265 when I got pregnant. When I went to my first post partum ob appointment, they said I was 245. I was SO excited.

However, its been a few weeks, and I've been mad stress eating and dealing with ppd now... I checked today at home, and I'm back up to 250... is there any hope of even having a nice figure anymore??

My head is telling me I'm wasting my time trying to diet, since I was covered in stretch marks long before pregnancy, and now I have a kid... like, my fiance tells me often that he thinks I'm beautiful, and doesnt make it a secret that he still finds me attractive, but I just dont feel it. At all.

And I'm torn between "try anyway" and "theres no point, your time to be young and attractive is over now".... Idk :( (I'm 25 btw)

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#2 TooMuchAdiposeTissueYUCK


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Posted 09 January 2021 - 09:03 PM

There's a point. I'm 25 too. I have three kids. Ive been overweight all my life. My last kid blew me all the way up to 220lbs. (Biggest I had ever gotten to outside of preggo was 175lbs).

I'm currently fighting in the 140s. And this I'd the smallest ive been since middle school.

My goal is 100lbs. And although I've done it mostly the unhealthy way (fasting at first then purging) when I actually stick to it it works.

Conclusion...I effing love food...I effing love to snack...I'm stressed all the time....but that stress I try to turn into a trigger to force a fast or to down some water or to do something outside of stuff my face (and let me tell you...cheese dip is my kryptonite).

Its hard...weight loss is a rollercoaster....but sticking to it will help you see the results you never thought possible. Trust me.

Sorry for the novel haha...I hope this helps.
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