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Former vegans and vegetarians, have you noticed that it was easier not to binge after you added meat back into your diet?

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#1 Daisymeadows


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 12:32 AM

I have been vegetarian for years and have been considering going back to eating meat after non stop binging for the last three months. I am gluten free by necessity and vegetarian by choice, and I feel restricting the kind of food I eat may be triggering me. The times I have tried to go vegan gave me some of the worst binges I have ever had.
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#2 DistressedOrange


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 05:49 AM

B12 deficiency? And possibly iron too. Getting rid of both animal products and things with gluten means you don't get many minerals and vitamins directly from meat/eggs/milk and also don't get them from fortified grains. Wheat flour is usually fortified with niacin, iron, calcium, thiamin etc. You may have been binging from an actual nutritional deficiency because the food you ate only had trace amounts of these things and if you're not supplementing some minerals are impossible/hard to get from a vegan and gf diet.
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#3 juul



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Posted 13 January 2021 - 08:20 AM

hey! ive struggled with binges in the past but im not diagnosed with the disorder versus other ED's-so i might not be the person to answer this. BUT when i was eating meat i was honestly more likely to binge or at least think about it. Im not really sure why, im assuming it had to do with my cholestoral(which i know is affected by meat and eggs so thats my guess). I mean when i just started being vegan yes, but over time, no.

This could just be me-but i agree with the comment above about minerals. I felt awful as a vegan until i started taking iron and other mineral supps

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#4 pinkyfrilly


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 08:31 AM

hiya, I'm also GF by necessity and when I was vegan (then eventually vegetarian) I ate like complete shit and put my body in even worse condition. It's a million times easier and healthier for me to eat meat. being GF restricts a lot as it is ( I swear they put flour in EVERYTHING) and when you are vegan/veg your food options are mostly processed or vegetables which doesn't give a ton of nutrition, and lotssss of carbs. I also have PCOS so the carbs really effect me. I'm always flipping back to a keto diet when I know my body is suffering.

#5 chocolatewaif



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Posted 13 January 2021 - 11:29 AM

Sorry for the novel, lol. And definitely not intending to sound preachy, this is just my roller coaster tale, I figured I'd share. Maybe there's some context you can pull from it.  


I personally prefer a vegan diet regardless of whether I'm binging or restricting. But I've had a lot of circumstances that have affected how I eat. Now I'm actively working to get to a point where I'm fully committed to eating vegan again, and in a healthier manner than not. For me adding things back made me see how much I prefer being vegan, so I'm working to do that in the best way possible for me. 


When I first went vegan, it was my intent to lose weight, but I was a junk food vegan and got back to my highest weight. The birth control I was on made it super hard to restrict. Even high calorie restriction would make me nauseous into a day of clean eating. So I just leaned into the make try the vegan version of everything lifestyle. 


When I came off birth control I restricted while eating vegan and lost a lot of weight, and then I did slip into a binge cycle. But then I'm also a compulsive over exerciser, so I credit my binges more to my excessive exercise than eating vegan. I also had restriction/over exercise/binge cycles before I was vegan. 


Then later my vice became alcohol, and the more I delved into that to more delved into testing non vegan food. First mostly desserts and things with cheese, when I was at work events. Because I have an overall habit of not eating or not eating very much before I go to drink. That ramped up to if I'd been out drinking a lot I may stop and get Dominos on the way home. The vegan pizza shop near me closes at 12 a.m. (during non pandemic times), while Dominos is open until 2 a.m., lol. My financial standing had also changed so it's like a whole Dominos pizza and 2-3 slices of vegan pizza cost the same thing so I'd favor the former. 


Then in early 2020 I was in a really stressful legal situation and that's when I starting having meat again, but overall it was mainly junk food. First starting with Chik fil a, since I'd never had it, lol. Then early in lockdown I had a bit of Buffalo Wild Wings and Popeyes. And a couple times I added sausage to my Dominos.  


But during the last year because I was in a limbo and I wondered if maybe I should transition to being at least vegetarian but I honestly hate the way animal products taste unless I'm near black out drunk and its something super unhealthy. Trying to eat animals products in a regular manner was an absolute no go for me. I don't like the way eggs taste, meat/chicken/fish smells horrible, even when cooked with a lot of spices or seasonings. Even the last cheese pizza I had from Whole Foods recently was disgusting. 


So now I'm working on a lot of the things that made it challenging for me to eat well while being vegan. I've toned down my exercise routine so that my calories in vs calories out is more stable. I'm doing dry January and will aim stretch out until at least April/May time and the plan to be extremely mindful about how I drink moving forward. And with those in check my mind is working a lot better so I can get back to working and earning in the capacity so I can afford the vegan foods I want to have anyway >.< 


And as someone mentioned above. I'm also now more intentional with my vitamins, because I was deficient in vitamin D early last year. Now I take D and B12 regularly, in addition to B6 and Folate on my doctor's recommendation, and I also have a multivitamin. 


But all of that to say if you have the idea, you should just test it out to see what works for you, because all of our bodies are different. And it also does well to take a look at yourself and see if you have other habits that make having a vegan diet a challenge for you - in the sense of if a vegan/vegetarian diet is what you'd prefer. If not then again, adding meat back shouldn't be an issue to test out. 

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#6 Chewycactus



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Posted 13 January 2021 - 05:21 PM

I'm still mostly vegetarian, but I occasionally eat fish and very rarely a meat burger. In my experience, this doesn't make any difference. Restricting too low or eating too much junk leads me to binge.
People have a good point about the micronutrients. There's vegan omega 3, d unless you get enough sun, iron if you're menstruating, B 12 and maybe other B vitamins too.

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