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Best harm reduction tips?

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Posted 25 November 2021 - 11:07 PM

SO much good advice already!
I am on a harm reduction plan and I
- high restrict with a balance of all three macros
- get blood work and ECG done bi weekly
- take thiamine above all! Plus acidophilus probiotics, calcium and D, multivitamin
- stay well hydrated
- check my blood sugars regularly and take dextrose if it’s below four (think below four on the floor)
- if I purge try to limit the number of times since otherwise I’ll go all day or until I pass out (luckily that’s not an issue right now…)
- exercise for a limited amount of time
- stay above a certain weight so that I can maintain my quality of life
- make sure someone knows what I am doing - have a safe person in case something happens and you need help asap. Ideally you’d have a treatment team that supports HR but they are few and far between sadly. I am fucking lucky based on what I’ve heard!
- don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day - you can restart it at any time and there’s always a new day tomorrow
- you are worth more than a number on a scale - smash that motherfucker (I did and it was awesome) or at the very least try not to weigh every day since fluctuations are normal
- remember you are loved and supported by people here no matter what

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What is Harm Reduction (for Eating Disorders)?


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